Violetdreams vs. TeaM WinneR
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 TeaM WinneR
Status: closed
MatchID 31030037
Date Wednesday, 04 February 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 04 February 20:10
Round Round of 16
map BO1
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0 : 1
TeaM WinneR wins !
Wednesday, 04 February 20:17
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62.0 MB, Wednesday, 04 February 20:17, by kallberg
Wednesday, 04 February 22:30
uploaded with ESL Wire*
70.5 MB, Wednesday, 04 February 22:30, by tekken
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04/02/15 14:02 kallberg () CT + T
04/02/15 14:02 tekken () CT + T


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I will stream it

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