Welcome to the Predator League!

Compete in the Predator League, the new CS:GO online tournament. Team up with your friends, prepare the tactics and join along with other teams for 3 weeks of action packed CS:GO tournaments. Battle for your share of the Prize Money and Pro Coaching sessions by Planet9.

Sign up today, show your skills and fight for glory!

Tournament regions

Predator League is divided into five separated regions:

Tournament format details

  • Qualifiers: each country tournament consists of 2 qualifier tournaments.
    • Mode: Single Elimination, Best of one (BO1) matches
    • TOP4 of the tournament qualifies to the Final Cup

  • Final Cup: TOP4 of the two country qualifiers (8 teams in total) compete in the playoff tournament.
    • Mode: Single Elimination, Best of three (BO3) matches
    • Tournament will be split up to 4 days:
      • Day 1: Quarterfinals (played off stream)
      • Day 2: Semifinal 1 (played on stream)
      • Day 3: Semifinal 2 (played on stream)
      • Day 4: Final (played on stream)

Please check the rulebook for the complete tournament information.

Upcoming Tournaments for Netherlands

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