For each match, the starting lineup of a team must consist at least 3 players from the same nationality to be eligible to play. Failing to adhere this rule will result in disqualification!

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Kirill 'senetex' Gushchin  id: 14096512

Name Kirill Gushchin
Nick senetex
Member since 06/09/19
Age / Gender - / male
Nationality  Germany
Country Germany
Main team SQERA Squad Era
Homepage --
CyberSport - FPL`С
Nick: senetex g2
Level & Awards
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Recent matches
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 AIM Europe
loss fLix1284  -28 Saturday, 28/09/19 11:09
loss ShAcOuz  -5 Tuesday, 17/09/19 14:06
loss zebx  -9 Saturday, 07/09/19 09:34
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