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ESL One Cologne 2016

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Highlighted competitions

Check out the different portals for more details:

ESL Pro League
- Season finished
ESL Major League
- Playoffs in progress
ESL Open League
- Playoffs in progress

ESL Major League
- Qualifier in progress

ESL Female Open League
- Sign ups open Dec 1st

Go4CS:GO Europe
- Every Sunday: 14:00 CET

Premium Only Cups
- Dec. 12th & 13th: 20:00 CET

Community Cups
- Every Wednesday: 19:30 CET
Community Cups
- Every Friday: 18:00 CET
Community Cups
- Every Sunday: 18:00 CET

ESL National Championships

ESL Meisterschaft

Qualify through the German Swiss Qualification for the ESL Meisterschaft. More details can be found on the German Portal.

ESL UK Premiership

All details about the qualifications for the ESL UK Premiership can be found here. Also keep an eye on the official website for upcoming details.

ESL Benelux Championship

Find out all details on how to qualify for the ESL Benelux Championship here. Also mark the official website for more information.

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