It is important to us that our users are happy. If you have any troubles while using or taking part in ESL Play, please let us know.

To be able to provide you with the best and fastest assistance, please read the following instructions carefully, otherwise your complaint will be rejected!

This form is solely for justifiable complaints regarding the actions and decisions of the ESL Play staff. For all other inquiries, please use the regular support form. The following points should be explained in detail when making your complaint:

  • Which member of staff is the complaint regarding? (link to their ESL profile)
  • Where did they behave inappropriately or make a wrong decision? (link to ticket, forum, etc)
  • In your opinion, what should they have done differently?
  • Why do you believe that your complaint is justified?
Please remember you must provide all relevant information (e.g. links, screenshots, background etc.). Make sure it is understandable for someone who is not familiar with the relevant game/community as it is likely the person handling the complaint will not be. Please write with proper English spelling and grammar, and do not write texts that are too long. Keep it short and simple.

Please understand that complaint may take a long time to be answered or resolved, and we may not be able to. This is because every complaint is taken seriously and with care. Every complaint is supervised by an ESL employee.

Yes, I have read and understand the instructions above, and will write my complaint according to them.