What was Go4CompanyofHeroes2?

The European Go4CompanyofHeroes2 was a Cup Series, which consisted of 4 or 5 weekly cups and a monthly final each month. The Cup Series was free and open to everyone and had a prize pool waiting for the best player. The weekly cups took place every Sunday and start at 13:00 CET. All players earned ranking points to qualify for the Monthly Final and the top 3 players from the weekly cups were also receiving money prizes in total sum of 405 EUR.

Past Cups


The Go4CoH2 Series was started on the 3rd of January, 2016. The first cup was played in the 1on1 format and had over 50 players that accepted the challenge to call themselves the first CoH2 champion, but only one managed to win the 100€ prize money!

BartonPL was the first player that achieved total supremacy in the Go4CoH2 Series! He managed to get into the finals after winning all matches without conceding any rounds in the process.

After such an impressive path, it almost felt like nothing stood between him and the 100€ prize money, his opponent being outplayed round by round and in the end match finished with the score of 2-1 after three amazing battles!

Even though his path to the top is still an on-going process, BartonPL will remain in our history as the first player that won the first Go4CoH 2 Cup!

You can see all the history of the Go4CoH2 Series in our monthly rankings below:
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