Clash Royale Ladder Restart & Game Integration
Clash Royale Open Ladder new season begins. Start playing today, reach the top and win the most challenging trophies!

Game Integration

ESL introduces the all new Clash Royale Game Integration! But what is it and why does it change player experience? Clash Royale GI is a new method that helps tournaments advance smoother. In particular, when a round of the tournament starts, an in-game friendly match notification will pop up on both players of every match. After both players have accepted the invitation, the match will start. This will be repeated until a player achieves 3 wins. Once the match is finished; namely all the games required have been played, the result will be sent automatically to the platform, meaning that you don't have to do anything - at all. Amazing right?

New Ladder Season

Do you like to play while drinking your morning coffee? Maybe you like to have a match of Clash Royale just before going to sleep or you just want to play all day long. We get you! Take part in the Global Ladder here, schedule a match at a time that suits you and start grinding! Will you miss out?

Clash Royale Global Ladder
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