Banned by ESL Anticheat?

This is a summary of facts which shall help players caught by ESL Anticheat to avoid frequent errors and wrong assumptions connected to the barrage, such as insisting on excuses or other destructive behaviour that may endanger the possibility of a rehabilitation.
  • It does not matter whether you have always uploaded your replay or not if ESL Anticheat discovered a cheat.
  • Since ESL Anticheat has already proven that you used a cheat, you do not need to tell us that there wasn't one.
  • With a positive ESL Anticheat detection in your account, the replays, matchlogs or linesman files that are "clean" will and do not have any influence about the decision made by the Anticheat team.
  • Having your ESL Anticheat files "always clean" do not prove that you are innocent.
  • It does not matter that your opponent didn't open a protest of the match.
  • We are not interested in whether you are only a "Manager", played only once as replacement or that you can name people who can prove that you didn't cheat.
  • We do not tell the users which program they were caught with.
  • For security reasons we do not provide users the the logs that show how ESL Anticheat detected the illegal program used.
  • Statements such as "the cheat started itself" or that "maybe my opponent started a trojan horse in my PC to start the cheat" are invalid.
  • We are certain that it is not a false positive caused by a wrong configuration or virus in your PC.
  • ESL Anticheat does not detect illegal programs based on the (file) name they have.
  • Users may get a ban while they are not playing or not at their pc. This happens because we run check's in old records. If we find a cheat in old records, the user is banned for it.
  • Statements such as that you started the cheat engine but did not enable the cheat are invalid.
  • Starting a cheat together with ESL Anticheat for "test reasons" are not taken in consideration, even if started in an old or test match.