Hamburger Hänger vs. RoA.Vindictive
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 Hamburger Hänger
Status: closed
MatchID 30718723
Date Tuesday, 04/11/14 18:00
Calculated 04/11/14 19:16
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1 : 2
RoA.Vindictive wins !

Hamburger Hänger


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Welcome to the CoD:AW (PS4) 4on4 SnD Release Cup Europe

Deadline: 60 minutes

Decisionmap: Retreat

Standard Modes / Search and Destroy

Round 1: Player A is host
Round 2: Player B is host
A round ends after one player has reached 6 points. After both maps the rounds (= map wins) will be summed up to decide the winner. In case of both players won a map, a third round (= map) will be played. See the match page for which map to play. So possible results are (2:0, 2:1)

All Maps allowed

Loot Restriction
No Loot Content, only standard weapons

General Settings
Dynamic Events: Disabled
Map Scorestreaks: Disabled
Team Switching: Enabled
Spectating: Team Only
Spectating POV: First Person Only
KillCam: Enabled
Battle Chatter: Enabled
Announcer: Enabled

Health and Damage
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Team Kill Kick Limit: Unlimited
Explosive Delay: 5 Seconds

Custom Classes
Custom Classes: Yes
Selections Allowed: 10

Weapon Restrictions
Sub Machine Guns: SAC3
Sniper Rifles: Lynx, NA-45, Atlas 20mm
Shotguns: Restricted
Heavy Weapons: Restricted
Specials: Restricted
Hansguns: RW1, PDW
Launchers: Restricted
Specials: Restricted

Attacment / Perk Restrictions
Rail: Target Enhancer, Thermal, RW1 Scope, Crossbow Scope
Barrel: Tracker
Under Barrel: Grenade Launcher
Unique: Akimbo, Rapid Fire, Heat Sink, Parabolic Microphone, Stock, Ironsights, Fast Melee, Fast Plant, Shock Plant
Perk 1:Flak Jacket, Danger Close
Perk 3: Scavenger

Exo Launcher / Ability Restrictions
Variable Grenade, Tracking Drone, Threat Grenade, EMP Grenade, Explosive Drone, Spike Drone
Exo Shield, Exo Stim, Exo Cloak, Exo Ping, Exo Trophy System

Restricted Scorestreaks

Restricted Scorestreak Modules

Restricted Wildcards
Overkill, Streaker

Preset Classes
Clear All Classes

Good luck and enjoy the cup,
CoD:AW Admin Team
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