Please check the F.A.Q. page to find answers on all possible questions.


Start of Sign-up: Friday, 03rd April 2015 00:01 CEST
End of Sign-up: Friday, 17th April 2015 23:59 CEST
Confirmation of Participants: Saturday, 18th April 2015 20:00 CEST
Start of Round 1: Sunday, 19th April 2015 20:00 CEST

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare™ (PS4)
Game ID: PlayStation® Nickname (SEN ID)
Mode: 4on4 RG, Best of 3
Requirements: Only players with residence in Europe (list is given in the FAQ on top) are allowed to play

Official language: English
More information: F.A.Q. page

How to sign up correctly?

  • Use the "Sign Up" on the right hand side above the Call of Duty banner
  • Follow the steps needed
  • Make sure to sign up until Friday, 17th April, 23:59 CEST!
If you have problems with adding players to your team or with fulfilling the restrictions, be sure to check our FAQ or contact support, if needed. A player can always only play in one team of the tournament.

Are you looking for a team or additional players? Come check out the PlayStation Recruitment forum to get your team sorted!

Quick Rules

Cup progress
  • Cup starts (256 Teams) - Only 1 Match per match date
  • Round 1: Sunday, 19.04.15 20:00 CEST
  • Round 2: Wednesday, 22.04.15 20:00 CEST
  • Round 3: Sunday, 26.04.15 20:00 CEST
  • Round 4: Wednesday, 29.04.15 20:00 CEST
  • Round 5: Sunday, 03.05.15 20:00 CEST
  • Round 6: Wednesday, 06.05.15 20:00 CEST
  • Semi finals + grand final: Sunday, 10.05.15 20:00 CEST

Match progress
  • Cup starts
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Contact your opponent by adding and/or messaging them on the PlayStation Network (SEN IDs are given in the respective player profiles)
  • Create a game lobby and make sure all settings are correct!
  • Invite your opponents to the lobby
  • Play each map until the score limit (6 points) is reached
  • A map win counts as 1 point for the Best of 3.
  • The team that first wins 2 maps wins the match
  • Enter the result after the match

Game Settings
#CoDeSports rules have to always be enabled!

Further rules changes are:
  • Spectating POV: First Person Only
  • Battle Chatter: Disabled
  • Team Kill Penalty: None
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Explosive Delay: None

Score limit: 250 points
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Respawn Delay: None
Activation Delay: None
Location Order: Normal
In case of a draw, the map is to be replayed in its entirety

Search and Destroy
Round Length: 1.5 Minutes
Score Limit: 6 Rounds
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Muti Bomb Disabled
Round Switch: Every Round
Silent Plant: Enabled
Number of Lives: 1

Capture the Flag
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Capture limit: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 2.5 Seconds
Winning Condition: Flag Captures
Flag Auto-Return Time: 30 Seconds
Pickup time: None
Kill Icon: Enabled

A Best of 3 (BO3) match consists of three maps. Whoever wins two of them first proceeds to the next round.
Map 1: Hardpoint
Map 2: Search & Destroy
Map 3: Capture the Flag

Server hosting
Map 1 – Team A (left side of the match sheet – Sentinel)
Map 2 – Team B (right side of the match sheet – Sentinel)
Map 3 – Team B (right side of the match sheet – Sentinel)
Attention: All maps will be given for each round by the admins.

Map Rotation
Round 1: Hardpoint Solar, S&D Bio Lab, CtF Retreat
Round 2: Hardpoint Detroit, S&D Solar, CtF Bio Lab
Round 3: Hardpoint Bio Lab, S&D Riot, CtF Ascend
Round 4: Hardpoint Retreat, S&D Detroit, CtF Detroit
Round 5: Hardpoint Detroit, S&D Recovery, CtF Retreat
Round 6: Hardpoint Retreat, S&D Terrace, CtF Bio Lab
Semi Final: Hardpoint Solar, S&D Recovery, CtF Bio Lab
Final: Hardpoint Bio Lab, S&D Riot , CtF Ascend

For banned weapons, attachements and more please check our complete ruleset!

Help & Support

Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up
  • Wait for the participation confirmation email
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm
  • Wait for your next match

Still need help? Please contact support during the tournament.