Call of Duty: Mobile MYSG Championship

A new challenge approaches! The CODM MYSG Championship is commencing in February 2021. This is your moment to rise up as the best team in the Malaysia and Singapore region and claim your piece of the USD 14,000 prize pool.

Through 4 rounds of Open Qualifiers , the top 8 teams will advance to Wave #1. Only 4 teams from Wave #1 will advance to Wave #2, joining the 4 invited teams from MYSG.

In the Playoffs, 4 final teams will compete to advance to the Grand Finals, where the final champion of the MYSG region will be crowned.

MYSG Championship Qualifier

MY Open Qualifier #1: 6 February
SG Open Qualifier #1: 7 February 
MY Open Qualifier #2: 9 February 
SG Open Qualifier #2: 10 February

MYSG Round Robin Stage

Wave #1 Day 1 Group MY: 20 February
Wave #1 Day 2 Group SG: 21 February

Wave #2 Day 1 Group MY: 23 February
Wave #2 Day 2 Group SG: 24 February

Battle of MYSG

MYSG Playoffs & Grand Finals: 5 March

Past Wars

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