Broadcast Rights for ESL Matches

With ESL TV there is a TV stations that is dealing either in large part or completely with electronic sports and is broadcasting matches live on IPTV. Electronic Sports League and ESL TV have entered an exclusive media cooperation agreement. In the course of this agreement, we present you with information about how to deal with different forms of coverage, especially on topics like HLTV or Waaagh-TV.
  • "Ingame-TV", meaning the broadcast of a match without commentation using the game engine, will continue to be free of charge and unrestricted. This includes for example HLTV, Waaagh-TV etc. "Ingame-TV" broadcast is still free for everyone except for prizemoney leagues like Intel Extreme Masters and ESL Pro Series. In all non prizemoney leagues no application must be written.
  • Rights for commentated broadcasts via shoutcast or videostream are exclusive to our media partner ESL TV. The owner of the rights can decide upon exceptions to this rule at any time.
In both ("Ingame-TV" only for prizemoney leagues") cases you need to state a written application prior to being allowed to broadcast an ESL match. Broadcast requests in case of ESL's regular leagues of affected media can be sent to David Hiltscher, in case of professional leagues (Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro Series, ESL Major Series etc.) please contact Alexander 'crtmN' Nehr. The following information is needed for this:

- Way of broadcasting (Ingame-TV / Voicestream / Videostream)
- Short introduction of the applicant
- Viewing figures / reach of the medium (Minimum, Average, Maximum)
- Broadcast concept (Content of the broadcast etc.)
- Desired Game
- Desired League
- Desired Time Range