Go4BlackSquad Europe

Go4BlackSquad Europe is a weekly 5on5 eSports Tournament Series with a monthly final at the end of the month. Go4BlackSquad Europe will feature a prize pool of up to €1,400 every month, with the winning team of each weekly Go4BlackSquad tournament taking home €150 and the runner-up team - €75. The top teams of each weekly tournament will receive Go4BlackSquad Ranking Points, which will earn them a better seed in upcoming Go4BlackSquad Europe Tournaments and a slot in the €500 Go4BlackSquad Europe Monthly Final! You'll even have a chance of winning some amazing in-game titles, so what are you waiting for!
  • One Go4BlackSquad Europe Cup per week
  • Sundays: €225 prize money & Go4BlackSquad points
  • Monthly finals with in-game goodies and €500 prize money

We’re also excited to unveil the Champions Cup. The Champions Cup will be one week of online competition, crowned with a broadcasted final on January 13th directly from the ESL UK studio in Leicester. The three winners of the monthly Go4 tournaments will receive direct invites to the event and they will be joined by the five top-rated teams of the Go4 competition.

Upcoming Tournaments

Monthly Finals

Every month 8 of the best teams in Europe compete for the grand prize of €500 and a bunch of amazing in-game goodies. Are you among those teams? Prove it in the Sunday cups!

Current Monthly Ranking

Full Monthly Ranking
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Place Prizes
medal_gold_3.png 1. €350 + 325,000 BS coins + ESL Go4 Champion Monthly Calling Card + 120 days of ESL weapon set
medal_gold_3.png 2. €150 + 250,000 BS coins + 90 days of ESL weapon set
medal_gold_3.png 3. 125,000 BS coins + 60 days of ESL weapon set


  • The Go4BlackSquad Series was started in October 2018

Monthly Rankings


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