What is the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division?

Call of Duty eSports competition exists at many levels, from the in-game Arena mode to live tournaments featuring big prize pools. To help bridge the gap between the professional ranks and upcoming amateurs, we're excited to detail the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division.

The Challenge Division is comprised of online and LAN tournaments open to all players not in the Pro Division. Unlike the Pro Division, there is not a set number of teams in the Challenge Division. Players earn Challenge Points based on their team's performance, and these points stay with the player and contribute to their team's seeding in future tournaments.

For more information about the Challenge Division, please check the official announcement.

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What do I need to participate in the CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Events by ESL?
To be able to compete in this tournament you need to fulfill these criteria:
  • PlayStation Plus account
  • ESL account
  • A legal copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  • Being legal resident in the region of participation
  • A team of 4 members
I need help signing up
Please follow the guide or if you need further help contact support.

Will there be a limit for the tournament?
The tournament size is 512 teams.

What are the correct match settings?
You can find the match settings in the Quick Rules box on the qualifier page.

What proof do I need for a match result?
Both teams are responsible for making screenshots or video proofs of the results and for uploading them within 15 minutes after the match ended. The screenshots and/or videos are needed as evidence in case there is a conflict, which will be checked by a staff member. We can only take a good decision, if there is enough proof for it. A screenshot/video always needs to contain the in-game nicknames of the team and show the results/issues, so we can be sure the proof is of the according match.

How to take screenshots with a PS4 and share them?
Please check out the official PlayStation® website to get the answers on how to take and share a screenshot. You need to upload those screenshots on your match. If you are on the tournament page, you will see a "Upload screenshot/matchmedia" on the right side. There you need to click and select your screenshot and then you can upload it to your match.

How does a match protest work?
If you have any issues during the match, you can open a protest by clicking the link "Open Protest" in the right side bar of the tournament. If you don't find the link, you can also use the direct link to see all matches, where you can write a protest. There you can choose your match and open a protest, so a staff member can check your issue. However, keep in mind that a protest needs to be written within 10 minutes after the match is over, so we don't have any bigger delays in the cup.

Where can I find the latest tournament news?
Breaking news, tournament information and announcements about the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division Events can be found on the official CODWorldLeague Twitter account. Important notifications for the remaining teams will also be sent through email, if necessary.

12. Any question left?
Feel free to contact our support.