Scuf Gaming Domination Cups
Today we are happy to announce a Cup Series on Xbox One in cooperation with Scuf Gaming for the American region! We will have 4 Qualification Cups where the Teams can gain themselves points! The best 8 Teams with the most points after all 4 Qualifications Cups will be invited then to the Grand Final Cup where they battle it out for glory and of course for some awesome prizes. The winning Team of the Grand Final Cup will receive five $100 Scuf Gaming vouchers! So grab your Team, sign up for the qualifier Cups and prove your skills!

Scuf Gaming Qualifier Cups America

Scuf Gaming Qualifier Cup #1 - 17/05

Scuf Gaming Qualifier Cup #2 - 24/05

Scuf Gaming Qualifier Cup #3 - 31/05

Scuf Gaming Qualifier Cup #4 - 07/06

Ranking point distribution and Grand Final Prize

Place Qualifier Cup Grand Final
1st Place 100 points 5x 100$ Voucher
2nd Place 75 points -
3rd Place 60 points -
4th Place 50 points -
5-8th Place 25 points -
9-16th Place 10 points -
17-32nd Place 5 points -

The Winner of the Grand Final Cup will win five $100 Scuf Gaming vouchers

These cups can be played in the ESL Xbox One App

The ESL Xbox One App simplifies competitive gaming by allowing you to sign up for tournaments, add your opponents and fill out the result without having to get off your console. Go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the ESL Gaming App in order to view and sign up for these and our upcoming tournaments for Battlefield 4.

We wish all teams and players the best of luck and have fun playing Battlefield 4 in the ESL.

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