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Give us your feedback regarding Battlefield 1! We want to know what you think about Battlefield 1 and the modes it has to offer. We know that there were not real matches just yet in 5on5 or 8on8 but we already want to get your opinion about what's to come. Which modes you think may work best, do you think that some things need to be removed or do have anything you want to let us know to make our leagues and cup even better? Do not hesitate and check out our forum and join the discussion about the future of Battlefield!

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Let us know what you think about Battlefield 1. We will split the feedback in 2 different topics for now. One thread will focus on Infantry gameplay such as 5on5 and one thread will be for the feedback on modes including vehicle such as 8on8 or 10on10. Feel free to share your feedback there.

5on5 (Infantry) Feedback

8on8/10on10+ Feedback

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pyo, Monday, 24/10/16 16:41
comments (14)
5v5 dom!
5v5 dom!
yes 5v5 dom !
5vs5 Rush Only Infantry 3 atacks / 3 defend
5v5 Rush Inf Only
5v5 infantry!
5 vs 5 conquest mode(not domination)only infantry 350 tickets
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No domination in competition on bf1 or eSport 5vs5 is dead.

Pigeon de guerre est le seul mode de compétition en 5 contre 5 qui peut donner envie de faire de l'eSport sur ce jeu et amener de nouvelles personnes a si investir et monter leurs équipes.
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5v5 infantry! Domination 300 Tickets 3 flag!
5v5 infantry rush, domination = random spawn, forget it
5v5 infantry! Domination 300 Tickets 3 flag!
5v5 dom!
5vs5 / 6vs6 / 8vs8 domination
5vs5 / 6vs6 / 8vs8 war pigeons
10v10 / 12vs12 conquest

all modes without shotguns,gas nades,elite kits,mortars,spot/flash flares
in cq 1 light tank per team only
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