Russia wins the BF4 Nations Challenge 2016
We have a winner in our BF4 10on10 Nations Challenge 2016: Russia takes it all! The Team from Russia manages to win the Grand Final versus Team Finland with an 2:0 victory. They crown themselves as Grand Champion of this Event. In the 3rd Place Match Team Italy was able to beat the Team from Sweden also with an clear 2:0 victory securing Italy the Top 3 Place. We want to say thank you to all Teams and Players who made this Nations Challenge an truly global and exciting event for all Battlefield players. Also a big thanks to all the viewers who watched the many streams during the Event and of course during the Grand Final. And last but not least: Congratulations to our Top 3 Nations!

10on10 Nations Challenge 2016 Winner - Russia

Team Russia 2016
Team Finland 2016
Team Italy 2016

4th place: Team Sweden 2016
5th - 8th place: Team UK
5th - 8th place: Team Germany 2016
5th - 8th place: Team Oceania
5th - 8th place: Team Austria/Switzerland
9th - 16th place: Team Ukraine 2016
9th - 16th place: Team South Africa
9th - 16th place: Team BRAZIL
9th - 16th place: Team Poland
9th - 16th place: Team USA
9th - 16th place: Team Korea 2016
9th - 16th place: Team Denmark 2016
9th - 16th place: Team El Salvador

The Playoff Bracket can be found here

Some Stats and Fun Facts

24 Teams from 6 Continents participated in the Nations Challenge 2016.

In those 24 Teams we had 440 Players.

58 matches were played during all 3 stages of this Event.

with 1123:0 Russia had the highest win in the Tournament versus Taiwan.

Only Team Germany was able to take off a map from Russia.

You missed the Grand Final? Watch the VOD on Twitch!

In case you missed the Grand Final casted by Ghassan "MiloshTheMedic" Finge then you can watch the whole match as VOD on our Twitch Channel.

Grand Final as VOD on Twitch

Also a big thank you to our casters during this Event: Ghassan "MiloshTheMedic" Finge, Chadman, R7GE and Anthrax.

Prizes and Awards

Besides recognition, glory and an amazing chance to fight for your country, the three winning teams will receive a special ESL award and Premium prizes for their success:

ESL Premium & Awards
1st 16x 3 Months ESL Premium
2nd 16x 2 Months ESL Premium
3rd 16x 1 Months ESL Premium

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