DetonatioN BYCM wins Asia Cup #1
Our first Asia Cup on the new ESL Play site has been finished and DetonatioN BYCM from Japan managed to win all their matches. There were some amazing matches and tough fights but BYCM came out on Top. In an close match they could win vs XKT in the semi final securing themselves the spot in the grand final later on. Where they had to meet another Top Team from Japan: Eulenspiegel. Who managed to beat Modus of Battlefield in their semi final. On Operation Locker BYCM took the advantage of an early lead and gave Eulenspiegel almost no chances to come back. A truly amazing match which more than 1000 viewers saw live on the LevelBF Stream where MiloshTheMedic was casting. We want to thanks all Teams for some great matches we were able to see. But this shall not be the end of our engagement in Asia. After such an great start we want to bring you an Open League Summer 2015! But for this we need your feedback, so check out our forum for more infos on that.

5on5 Domination Asia Cup #1 - The winner

The 4th place goes to Exacting Kidult Troopers. The full bracket can be found here.

ESL Open League Summer 2015

An amazing start we had there with the first cup but this can not be the end already. How about a more long term running league? Yes you heard right! We want to host an Open League with Groupstage followed by the Playoffs. We need your feedback to setup the League as best as possible for you guys. Please give your feedback for the ESL Open League Summer 2015 in our forum as we want to plan it. We appreciate your feedback.

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