ESL Australia partners with AOC for Season 1 of the ZEN Esports Network League
Sydney, Australia, March 15 2017. ESL Australia, the local division of the world's largest esports company, today announced its partnership with AOC, as the official Monitor supplier of the ZEN Esport Network League Season 1.

The partnership between one of Australasia’s top monitor suppliers and ESL Australia furthers AOC’s commitment to gaming and esports, both in Australia and in the greater Asia-Pacific region. Since the launch of the AGON gaming brand of monitors by AOC in March 2016, AGON has been recognized by professional gamers worldwide as a brand synonymous with performance, features, and convenient design.

“For CS:GO pros, gaming monitors are one of the most important pieces of hardware” said Kamine Naidoo, CS:GO Product Manager at ESL Australia. “AOC’s AGON monitors have the performance needed to compete at this high level, so it made sense for us to partner with them for a top-tier competition like the ZEN League.”

According to Debra Chien, ANZ Regional Head at AOC, “Partnering with leading Esports events and leagues helps to grow the gaming scene in Oceania. We offer the Esports community a competitive edge through a range of premium monitors that are engineered specifically to enhance gameplay.”

As part of AOC’s support of the Zen Esport Network League Season 1, players at the end of season live finals will have the opportunity to play on AOC’s state of the art 24”, 144Hz AG241QX gaming monitor.

What is the ZEN Esports Network League?

The ZEN Esports Network League is Asia-Pacific’s biggest Counter-Strike:Global Offensive professional gaming league. With four of Australia’s best teams, and 4 of the top teams in Asia competing over a six week season, the ZEN League is putting Australian esports on the global map. Live broadcasts of the ZEN League are hosted on on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8pm AEDT (GMT+11).

What is AGON?

The name AGON represents AOC's commitment to the PC gaming segment and the spirit of competitive gaming. AGON is an ancient Greek word (ἀγών), which refers to "a struggle or contest". The name is also intended to be an acrostic that represents AOC's vision for AGON:

• AOC to lead the way in gaming monitor development
• Gaming enhanced by the latest technology
• Outstanding performance for a competitive edge
• New standard of gaming for users to enjoy

To keep up to date on all the latest from AOC, be sure to check out their website and follow them on their socials.

Website: AOC Australia - AGON Gaming Monitors
Facebook: AOC Australia/New Zealand
YouTube: Videos from AOC
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