Go4ArenaOfValor Europe

Go4ArenaOfValor Europe is a weekly 5on5 cup series with a €2250 prize pool monthly final at the end of each month. Go4ArenaOfValor Europe will feature a €700 prize pool every week. The top teams of each weekly tournament will receive Go4ArenaOfValor ranking points, which will earn them a better seed in upcoming Go4ArenaOfValor Europe tournaments and could possibly qualify for a slot in the Go4ArenaOfValor Europe Monthly Final!
  • 1 cup every Sunday
  • Monthly finals with €2250 in prize money
  • Sunday: prize money & Go4ArenaOfValor points

How to play Go4ArenaOfValor

We've created a full how-to-play guide for easy signup and playing in out Go4ArenaOfValor cups! Check it out, signup for the next cup and start competing with the best teams and your chance to win your share of the €5000 prize pool in Europe's biggest cup series!

Upcoming Cups

Monthly Finals

At least €5000 every month, 16 of the best teams in Europe compete for the grand prize and the title of being the best team of the month. Are you among those teams? Prove it in the Sunday cups!

Current Monthly Ranking

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The "overall" ranking is used for seeding

Monthly Finals Prize Money

Place Prize Money
medal_gold_3.png 1. €1500
medal_gold_3.png 2. €750

Go4ArenaOfValor Europe
April 2018 Champions

  Spanish Takers

BracketsGrand Final

Go4 History

  • The Go4ArenaOfValor Europe Series started in November 2017.

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