ESL: Wire help and FAQ
After the first couple of weeks, there still seems to be some confusion about how to properly use the Wire system for matches. As you should know, running ESL: Wire Anti-Cheat is not optional during matches, it is mandatory.
I have broken down the following into categories. If you are having issues outside of the problems listed below, it is your job to contact us so we can help you fix the problem. Not getting it to work and then deciding not to run it, is not acceptable and we will be handing out penalties.

Using Wire Anti-Cheat during matches

Having ESL: Wire open, does not mean you are using the Anti-Cheat during matches. You must launch game through the match itself.

Launching Your Match
Your match list should look something like this and allow you to "Launch Game" through the specific match.

Once you click on "Launch game..." this window should come up with the following things:

1. Match / Gather / PCW checked AND Anti-Cheat selected (which you cannot uncheck).
2. The team you are playing. (Note: If you have multiple matches scheduled, there will be more in the drop box, so it's important you have the correct one selected.

It will launch your game and you are successfully running Anti-Cheat.

If you do not have the matches, don't worry there is an easy way to fix this!

Correcting your Region
If you don't have the matches listed in your "Play" tab, chances are your region is incorrect on your account.

Select the "Friends" tab to view which region you have selected.

It should say "National ESL" under your alias, if it doesn't here are the steps to change it.

You will then be prompted to login again, but make sure you select "National ESL" for your region. Matches will then appear under your play tab!

Known issues and fixes

None of this is new information, however it is scattered across our site, so hopefully this helps.

Launching Urban Terror
Error:The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

We have seen this happen primarily with people using Windows XP, however the work-around fix for this right now is relatively simple.

1. Close ESL Wire
2. Rename your "UrbanTerror" folder to something else temporarily (e.g. urbanterror1)
3. Open ESL Wire - the game should fail to auto-detect
4. While ESL Wire is open, rename your folder back to "UrbanTerror"
5. Manually add Urban Terror to your games list.

Error: Unable to load default.cfg

This is a very common issue, and an easy fix with the "Set Launch Options" option inside of Wire.

Now, all you have to enter is: +set fs_basepath "c:/xxxx/xxxx"

ie. If your Urban Terror is installed at: c:\Program Files (x86)\UrbanTerror the path on Set Launch Options should be:

+set fs_basepath "c:/Program Files (x86)/UrbanTerror"
Remember the quotes around the path and the inverted slashes

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