Welcome to the Electronic Sports League!


Quick start

    Want to play as a team?
  • Get everyone on the team to register, fill in their profile and add their gameaccounts
  • Register a new team
  • Go to Edit team to find or change the join password
  • Give your team mates the join password and link to the team
  • At the top of the page pick the country you want to play in, then pick the game, then pick the ladder


Before doing anything on the ESL you need to register as a player. To do so, click the Register link in the user area in the top right area of the site.

Important! It is very important that you only register for the ESL once. If you have registered before but can't login (e.g. you forgot your login details), please make a support ticket including as much information as you can remember to help find your account (e.g. email address, nickname, ICQ number, gameaccounts).

Simply fill in the form like below, entering your email address twice (in lowercase), your nickname, clantag if you are in a clan, the country you live in (not your nationality), your language and how you found out about the ESL. All of this information can be changed later.

Important! It is very important that the email address you enter is real and correct. Before being able to login you will need to confirm your registration with a link sent in your email. You should also check your junk mail/anti spam settings to ensure emails from daemon@esl.eu are not automatically deleted.

Once filled in, read the Terms of use and Utilization of personal data (Terms of data protection) before ticking the boxes and clicking Send.

Within a couple of minutes you should have an email from the Electronic Sports League (daemon@esl.eu) titled Registration Successful. Inside will be a link like http://www.nationalesl.com/us/change_password/d5660afa61e08df2 to set your password and login to your account for the first time.

Your password needs to be at least 5 characters long consisting of a-z, A-Z and 0-9. It should not contain any special characters. Once your password is set you will be automatically logged in.

Fill in your profile

While not necessary to play in most of our leagues, filling in your profile is highly recommended to be part of the ESL community. To start filling your profile, click Settings in the user box then Edit personal info.

Here you can change the details you entered when you registered and enter much more. The more you enter, the better your profile will look. Some other benefits of entering information is it makes your account look more real and if you ever have problems logging in (e.g. you lose access to your email address) the information you enter can be used to prove who you are. If you don't want your details publicly visible then just don't tick the checkbox to the right hand side.

Important! For most of our leagues you need to enter at least once contact method that is made public, usually an IRC channel or ICQ number, so that other players can easily get in contact with you at match time.

If you go back to Settings there are additional places to enter even more details. Tell the world your PC's specs and your favourite things at Edit "More about me", put a face to your name with Change photo or Upload logo.


Most games supported on the ESL have some kind of gameaccount system, a way of uniquely identifying players who have the game. Before playing in leagues for these games you need to register your gameaccounts with us.

Examples of popular games that need gameaccounts include Counter-Strike (SteamID), Warcraft 3 (Battlenet) and Call of Duty (Punkbuster GUID).

To add gameaccounts, click Settings and go to Gameaccounts (SteamID, ...). Select the type of gameaccount from the list, enter your gameaccount (make sure it is correct!) and click Send. You only need to enter a reason and include a screenshot when changing a gameaccount you have already entered.

If you don't know how to find your gameaccount, look here.

Important! Your gameaccount is never your CD-Key!

Making a team

To create a team on the ESL, first you need to be registered and logged in. Once you are, click My Teams then Register new team. A box will popup asking you to name your team, fill it in and click OK and your team is made!

You will be taken to a page with links to go to your new team (Show teamsheet), Edit team and Upload logo. The first thing you should go to Edit team to find or change the join password. Your team mates will need this to join the team.

We recommend filling in as much of your team page as possible, not only so it looks good but so it is easy to find out information about your team or get in contact.

To get your team mates into the team, simply give them the link to your team page and the join password. On the team page is a link to Join team, all they must do is click it and enter the join password and they're in!

Finding ladders, cups and leagues

If you're used to other league sites you may find getting around the ESL confusing at first, but it's really easy once you understand how we are organized.

The ESL is first split into platforms (ESL World, ESL America ESL Asia, ESL Europe and ESL TV, ESL Sports, Consoles), countries (national sections in ESL Europe), then into games. To find ladders and cups for the games you play, look for your country in the dropdown at the left of the main menu. Hover over the arrow on the very left and chose a platform or "change country" to define a country you like. After you are on the country's main page you are able to hover over the genre your game is in and click on it. If your game isn't shown there then you can suggest it in the forums.

Once at the section for your game you will see a selection of the most popular ladders, cups and leagues with news underneath. To see all the leagues available chose the format (1on1,2on2,Team) and hover over it.

Joining a ladder

Now that you've registered, have filled in your profile and entered your gameaccounts it's time to play! Most matches played on the ESL are in our ladders.

Pick the ladder that you wish to play in to be taken to its page. On a ladder page you will see a ranking of the top 20 teams or players, the current number one highlighted on the right and underneath a list of recent and upcoming matches and news. Before signing up to a ladder you should read the Rules & Information. Once you have done, click Signup.

The requirements to sign up to the different ladders, cups and leagues across the ESL vary across national sections, games and levels of competition. For most games there will at least be a ladder in the European section that only requires a contact method (see Filling in your profile) and gameaccount (see Gameaccounts) entered. Once you or your team meet all the requirements and have read the rules, tick the box and click Yes.

Tip: The easiest way to see who has and hasn't entered their gameaccounts is to go to the Members page of your team, linked on the left hand side of the team page.

Most of the ladders in the ESL have signups (or leaguejoins) checked manually by admins to keep fake accounts and other unwanted players out. Waiting time can be anything from a few minutes to a few days depending on the size of the game and the volunteer admin team behind it.


There are several ways to challenge other players or teams in ESL ladders.

Player/Team Profile

The easiest way to challenge a specific contestant is to go to their player or team profile and click the Challenge link for the ladder you wish to play them in.

Ladder rankings

Go to the ladder you wish to challenge a contestant in and click the Rankings button. Here you can find every participant of the ladder by scrolling through the pages. Alternatively you can Search for a specific opponent in the ladder or Show new entries to see those who joined the ladder that day.

Smart Challenger

The Smart Challenger can take the work out of searching for contestants to challenge. Taking into account the activity, credibility, penalty points, current open matches and available times it suggests up to 4 easy, balanced and hard opponents for you to play.

To use the Smart Challenger, go to Play!, under Find opponent click Go for the ladder you want, then under Smartchallenge click Find opponent!

Instant Challenger

The ESL Instant Challenger (EIC) puts you together with other players or teams who are searching for a match on the site at the same time you are. It is activated on many of our ladders at certain times of the day, if your ladder supports it, it will have the EIC logo on the ladder page. See the Instant Challenger page and how to for more information.

Auto Challenger

Many of our ladders have Auto Challenger times set which will automatically create a match between you and another contestant in the ladder once a week for a fixed time.

If you are in a ladder which has Auto Challenger times, you can see/set your preferred times at Settings->Auto-Challenger.