The Design of Michael Kors Watches
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The Design of Michael Kors Watches Michael Kors is an American designer whorose to fame after releasing probably the first ever ready-to-wear line forwomen in 1981 and becoming the creative director of French fashion house Celinein 1997. After making Celine into a huge success with popular accessories andready-to-wear lines, he left to concentrate on his own brand. He went on tocreate the signature style that he is now known for. His runway collections, the KORS line andthe MICHAEL line are the three main tiers he serves, with the KORS line beingthe mid tier line and the MICHAEL line mainly making women's handbags, shoes aswell as ready-to-wear line of clothing. His design philosophy is what makes him isso very popular in the US. For him, fashion is not only about creating the mosthigh-end, stunning clothes and accessories that the world has ever seen. It isabout where fashion started - the people. So he is known for taking really thebasic clothes and turning them into really great fashion wear. And through allthat, he has managed to keeps his prices reasonable and create a brand that iswell-known throughout. This signature style of Michael Kors alsoreflects in the   TAG Heuer Watches.These watches are based on the traditional designs that we have been seeing fora long time now but they are finished and embellished in such a way that thesevery tried and tested designs suddenly become extraordinary in their own right,it’s a fashion brand not but luxury watch like  Michael Kors Watchesor   Breitling Watches. It is all about new finishes; new materialsand textures with a new approach to classic designs to create watches that areat home almost everywhere. This is not experimental fashion at all - it isclassic aesthetic sensibilities that have been designed into fitting the modernworld.  Michael Kors watches are made with realpeople in mind and it reflects in their very achievable looks. You can hardlyever go wrong with a classy Michael Kors timepiece - whether you are wearing afull suit or just a jacket with jeans. It is meant to be elegant andsophisticated in almost all situations. However, it does not stop there. MichaelKors watches come in great variety and you can also take your pick from themany sporty and casual models there are. These also reflect the evolution indesign and the major influences of Michael Kors. They too have a very simpledesign approach and carry with them the classic look more than anything else.However, that classy look is again wrapped up in good design and really greatlooks. So in a way, it is also about reintroducing the classic and the timelessin the context of contemporary fashion.
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