Interview with YoDa of Absolute Legends NA
Take a look at a perspective of joining League of Legends from the other side of the MOBA pool. YoDa was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions about himself!
I’ll start off asking for a few of those who are familiar with MOBAs in general, “Are you the same YoDa from Heroes of Newerth?”

That’s me!

What inspired you to create this online nickname?

When I was like 15 I saw Yoda fighting Dooku in some Star Wars movie and it was the coolest thing ever.

What drove you to switch games?

Much stronger player base, better company, larger tournaments.

In a nutshell, explain how active you were in competitive Heroes of Newerth and how does that stack up to your activity in competitive League of Legends today.

I was on the best team in North America for a long time (WHP / x6 / EG / LOAD) and was one of the top 3 streamers for about a year. Ended anticlimactically with a 5th place finish at Dreamhack Winter 2011. So far I’ve gotten 2nd at IEM Singapore, but I’ve never been even close to the best team in North America in League of Legends.

Was it fairly easy making the transition to high-level League of Legends?

I played League of Legends casually already, so after leaving Heroes of Newerth in mid January I found myself on a tier 2 North American team (old oRb with L1nk115, Hoodstomp, LemonNation, Vech) at the end of February.

What do you think are the major differences between the highest levels of competitive play in HoN and LoL?

There are like 100 times as many teams in LoL. HoN has like 4 teams that can be considered competitive worldwide.

Moving on, is there any interesting history between you and your current teammates on Absolute Legends NA?

Not in particular, most of us started in HoN (all except Spellsy).

How did Absolute Legends pick you up as a member for their North American team?

After my first team disbanded, I was left in search of a team and we kind of found each other. Robert and Spellsy had been playing together for a few months already and were recently joined by Zekent. I was looking for a team with Slooshi (except he played AD back then), so we decided to try it out with Slooshi in the mid, and it worked out decently, though we are still working out some kinks.

Not everyone can jungle and not everyone likes it. Do you like your current role on the team and is it similar to how you played competitively in Heroes of Newerth?

I played (4) role in Heroes of Newerth (DotA/HoN organizes their roles by farm priority since lanes change so much, 1 being highest priority, a.k.a. carry). That means if we were using a jungler, I was playing it. I like jungling because I feel like it gives you the most effect on how the game goes, as you can affect every lane.

Speaking of jungling, what is your personal opinion on how competitive jungling will change, in light of the recent patch?

It’s a little early to say for sure. The biggest changes I see are that item builds will be vastly different since there are new items, and Heart of Gold is gone. Also, everyone is slower since we’ll be starting Machete, which makes junglers easier to kill. The Biscuit will probably also change the game in that junglers who take utility can stay out longer before first back. Or trade with better results, etc.

What’s one piece of advice you would give the average LoL player?

Strive for greatness, never be satisfied.

Are there any ways for any of us to contact or support you or your team?

Two of our team members are already pretty famous in Twitch, and I’m probably going to start the stream at soon once I figure out my graphics card problems. Messaging us on there is probably the best way to contact as well!

Last minute shoutout to sponsors?

Shoutout to our sponsors, Razer, TwitchTV, SpecialTech, Orcbite, and Absolute Energy. Especially to Razer for giving us a place to practice, and Nelson Sng for holding our hands in Singapore. And L1nk115 #1 br0ski. And JaeYoong #1 AD SEA And Peolo Bear #1 manager world.

Best LoL moment: Beating FeaR to qualify for IEM Singapore, then taking 2nd at the event.
Worst LoL moment: When old oRb broke up.
Highest ELO achieved: 2495
Hobbies outside of LoL: Magic, the Gathering (2 time pro tour competitor) and work
Favorite movie: Inception
Favorite TV show: Code Geass
Favorite music genre: whatever Lindsey Stirling is
Favorite meal: spicy Korean soup
Peripherals: Razer Megalodon, Razer Imperator, Razer BlackWidow, Razer Goliathus
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