Regular Season VIII Finishes
With a six week season behind us, it is time for the playoffs. Velocity dropped out of the league as they lost their roster, and Team Tempest ended up in 7th place.
It came down to the last week to determine the last 3 seeds for the playoffs. Quantic along the side of Team Curse and Team Coast guaranteed themselves top 3 seeds during week 5 and were home free during the last week.

Napkins in Disguise got a Forefit win vs Curse but that did not help them with the seeding as TBD took care of Curse Acd, and got the #4 seed.

Quantic and Team Curse both with top seeds secured themselves a bye round into Semi Finals where the rest of the four teams will have to play the games out. First round games of the playoffs will happen on Friday, December 13th TBD vs Napkins in Disguise will be the first game followed by Team Coast vs Curse Acd. Semi Finals will happen on Saturday, December 14th and Finals on Sunday, December 15th.

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