Announcing ESL Pro Series Season IX
Commencing February 6th, 2014 National ESL present Season IX of the League of Legends ESL Pro Series with $15,000 in prizes!
National ESL are proud to announce Season IX of the ESL Pro Series! Commencing February 6th, 2014 we will see the very best teams in the League of Legends Challenger scene fight it out in a six week season of their own. Tune in Thursdays and Fridays from 5:30pm PST to see these up-and-coming teams vie for a prize pool of $15,000 on Summoner’s Rift in back-to-back sets of Best of Three matches!

Season IX will bring a host of talent, new and old, with returning veterans Cloud 9 Tempest (formerly The Walking Zed) and Curse Academy going up against the fresh faces of LMQ iBuyPower, Team LolPro, Y So eSports, Crossover eSports, Girlfriends, and Complexity.Red.

With such a star-studded lineup, Season IX of the ESL Pro Series is shaping up to be our best yet! Find out who will emerge victorious by tuning in every Thursday and Friday at 5:30pm PST.

Make sure to watch for our upcoming spotlight on the teams duking it out on Summoners Rift in Season IX of the ESL Pro Series!

Schedule for February 2014

Tune In!

Thursday February 6th 6:30pm PST - Cloud 9 vs Y So eSports
Curse Academy vs Crossover eSports

Friday February 7th 6:30pm PST - LMQ vs Girlfriends
CompLexity.Red vs Team LoLPro

Thursday February 13th 6:30pm PST - CompLexity.Red vs Y So eSports
LMQ vs Team LoLPro

Friday February 14th 6:30pm PST - Curse Academy vs Girlfriends
Cloud 9 vs Crossover eSports

Thursday February 20th 6:30pm PST - Team LoLPro vs Curse Academy
Girlfriends vs Cloud 9

Friday February 21st 6:30pm PST - Crossover eSports vs CompLexity.Red
Y So eSports vs LMQ

Thursday February 27th 6:30pm PST - Crossover eSports vs LMQ
Girlfriends vs CompLexity.Red

Friday February 28th 8:30pm PST - Y So eSports vs Curse Academy

Click on each team to check out it's roster!

Team LolPro
Crossover eSports
Curse Academy
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