EPS Playoffs Semi-Final Today and Statement from Tournament Director
Today we will receive a nice dose of League of Legends, with Team Coast vs Curse Academy. This will be the only game of the night, as the another team has forfeited their spot in the playoffs and this time it was Determined Gaming.
With that said, Napkins in Disguise will be advancing into the finals. Finals are now scheduled to be played tomorrow at 8:30PM EST / 5:30PM PST. Don't forget to tune in for our coverage of our other semi-final TONIGHT at 11:00PM EST / 8:00PM PST.

Additionally Michal Kucharz Tournament director would like to make the following statement:

"We regret that some of the teams were not able to participate in this weeks NationalESL Pro Series Playoffs. We have tried our best to accommodate all the teams, however due to certain circumstances we were not able to move the dates of our Playoffs."
1009538, Tuesday, 17/12/13 18:04
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