Introducing Go4Firefall with up to $10,000 every month
It's time to get serious. Firefall was made for competition and together with Red 5 Studios, we'll bring you weekly tournaments topped off by monthly finals after Firefall opening for everyone with an open beta recently. The massively multiplayer, free-to-play shooter gets its own Go4 series: Go4Firefall. Every month we will have tournaments open to everybody with a total prize money of up to $10,000! Prepare yourself for massive Firefall action!
We're very pleased that the people over at Red 5 Studios, the developer of Firefall, understands what eSports and Go4 stands for. They will support Go4Firefall, helping us to make the tournaments as awesome as possible.

Play cups, earn points and earn up to $ 10,000 every month

Starting on August 4th, every single Sunday of a month we will host a cup that grants you the possibility to score points with your team for the monthly ranking. Depending on the number of participants, the top teams of these cups will score points in addition to the $1000 rewards to the teams that come out on top.

In the monthly final, the best 8 teams will fight for the trophy and $5000 in prize money. The winner takes the biggest share, which is $3000, so the competition here will be very tough. In the next month, all teams once again have the same chances to play and qualify for the finals and win their share of the prize money.

    Quick Facts:
    One cup every Sunday of the month
    The top 16 teams of each cup score points
    Top 8 of the ranking qualifies for monthly finals

    Prize money:
    Weekly Go4Firefall Cup: 1st Place: $500 - 2nd Place: $300 - 3rd Place: $200
    Go4Firefall Monthly Finals: 1st Place: $3000 - 2nd Place: $1500 - 3rd Place: $500
    Total prize money per month: up to $10,000

    First Go4Firefall Cup: Go4Firefall #1 on Sun, 04/08/13 17:00 CDT

    Game mode - Jetball 5vs5
    Jetball is a new objective-based eSports mode where two teams of 5 players compete for victory by flying or shooting a high-tech ball through their opponent’s goal. Because players can’t defend themselves while carrying the ball, teams must rely on passing and coordination, strategically using each Battleframe’s unique weapons, abilities and maneuverability to score.

Go4Firefall covered live by NESL TV

Go4Firefall will be broadcasted live by NESL TV. Every week you will enjoy the most exciting matches live.

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