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SBNC Information
SB Nations Championships
League of Legends
Start: September 3rd, 2011
Finish: September 24th, 2011

This is a tournament which presents the best League of Legends players which are selected for the privilege to represent their country. You can find the rules here.

About Creative

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5-0-0   15 pts
4-0-1   12 pts
3-0-2   9 pts
2-0-3   6 pts
1-0-4   3 pts
0-0-5   0 pts
Player Spotlight
Canada USA France
Captain: HotshotGG Captain: Reginald Captain: Kujaa
Starter 1: TheOddone
Starter 2: Elementz
Starter 1: Xpecial
Starter 2: Dan Dinh
Starter 1: Protozoides
Starter 2: Geo
Community Vote Community Vote Community Vote
1: Bigfatlp
2: Chaox
3: Crumbzz
4: Jatt
1: Chauster
2: TheRainMan
3: Lapaka
4: Dyrus
1: Ben magician
2: skyyart
3: Alth0r
4: Aurelzzgg
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Poland Germany Spain
Captain: Nicker Captain: Nyph Captain: xPeke
Starter 1: Shushei
Starter 2: Ismaro
Starter 1: Candy Panda
Starter 2: Lyumi
Starter 1: Hein
Starter 2: Araneae
Community Vote Community Vote Community Vote
1: Dedrayon
2: iMba
3: kev1n
4: Kikis
1: Moma
2: Sleazyweasy
3: Citizienwayne
4: Forellenlord
1: Ocelote
2: Medroid
3: Sakrocr9
4: Calsot
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