Go4LoL #194 on ESL Gaming Approaches!
For a chance to win the grand prize of $300 and win the title of the champions of the 194th Go4LoL weekly tournament, simply follow the details to sign your team up for the competition!

Go4LoL Cup #194:

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 11:15 -11:55 AM PDT)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
Date: Sunday, November 30th
Start: 12:00PM PDT
Size: 128 teams
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: Summoners Rift
Teamsize: 5on5
Mode: Best of One
Draft Mode:Tournament Draft Mode

Beginners guide to sign up

Attach your LoL summoners name to your account
Sign up
After signing up make sure your team is on this list
Check-in at 11:15 PDT to confirm your participation
After checking in make sure your team is on the confirmed side
Check brackets at 12:00PM PDT/3:00PM EDT
Click VS on the bracket for your tournament code

Prizes for Go4LoL

1. $ 300  USD
2. $ 15 RP per Player
3. $ 10 RP per Player

(RP is given to 5 members on a team)

Cup Rules

Pause Rule: In matches played with the Tournament Draft Mode is it forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason like a player disconnect.

In the case a player disconnects, is it allowed to use the pause after a short warning in all chat.
To unpause a game is only allowed if both teams agree to in all chat.
Abuse of the pause can lead into a disqualification. Screenshots of proofs of the abuse have to be taken and uploaded into the match.

Tournament Code duty: All Matches have to be played with the provided Tournament Code. If you have questions or problems, please ask an Admin in the Cup Chat.

Screenshot upload: A screenshot has to be uploaded as proof in the case there are match problems.

More Info: Go4LoL Portal


Add one of our Admins
LoL Client Channel : Go4LoL

Watch the action here!

Your Admin Team
Dreatra, Sunday, 30/11/14 13:38
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