Wazabi Gaming Interview
Formerly known as SiN Park, Morbuzaan and company have disclosed that they wanted to part ways with SiN. Read on for more info and for some insight on the roster that beat The Salad Bar in the Go4LoL March Monthly Finals.

I'm here with Wazabi Gaming, formerly SiN Park, who decided to join me on this pleasant Sunday afternoon. How is everything, everyone?

Diamond: Hi I'm fine, and you?
Zamphira: Yeah we're good.
Morbuzaan: Everything's good, thanks. Yourself?

Doing fine on my end, thank you for asking. So Morbuzaan, the last time we talked was when you were under SiN Gaming, and then SiN Park. What was the reason behind that past name change?

Morbuzaan: Well, there was a bit of time when the SiN organization had two teams, our original SiN Gaming, as well as the roster of Abusement Park. (Zamphira, Captain Ziploc, Xxesw, Wuhbe, Kuhbe) which was renamed SiN Park to differentiate between the two. But shortly after SiN Park joined us, the original team fell apart, so Park was the only SiN team.

Back to right now, what happened with SiN and what is Wazabi Gaming?

Morbuzaan: Zamphira and Ziploc both were wanting to take the team more seriously than the other members, and Wuhbe specifically is going to stop playing soon because he has other plans for the summer, so they formed a new roster with Diamond, nothinghere and zDc, called Wazabi Gaming. The consensus of the new squad was that they wanted to stay independent for a while, thus the departure from SiN.

To the players, how about you introduce yourselves with your in-game name and your main roles on the team?

Diamond: Hi I'm Diamond, formerly known as t3azer and I play da AD carry.
Zamphira: I'm Zamphira and my main role is the mid lane.
nothinghere: I'm nothinghere and I play top lane for the team.
zDc: Hi I'm zDc, my main role is support.
Captain Ziploc: And I'm Captain Ziploc, the jungler of Wazabi Gaming.

What got you started in League of Legends and what do you like the most about the game?

Diamond: Well, I started playing in closed beta with my friends 3 or 4 years ago. It just built up from then and I started liking the game more and more.
Zamphira: I started playing League of Legends because I was a longtime HoN/DotA player and the game looked casual and relaxing. It finally grew on me so I gave up the other MOBA games to concentrate on it. Personally I really like the fluid, responsive gameplay compared to DotA.
Morbuzaan: The only time I ever tried to play DotA, I couldn't handle how awkward the controls felt. I had like, 10 cs at 10 minutes.
zDc: I started playing League of legend with some friends. Counter-Strike was not worth it enough. So I switched to LoL for the competition.
nothinghere: A friend introduced me to League of Legends and I enjoyed it, so I decided to play it competitively.
Diamond: ^ playing jungle
Captain Ziploc: Well, I used to be an FPS player. I played Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 1242 competitively when I saw a friend of mine playing LoL. I decided to try it. LoL was my first MOBA and to be honest, I didn't like the game at the beginning. But I kept playing the game and as time passed, I started liking the game more and more!
Diamond: No time for interviews.

What was the spark that ignited your transition to competition in League of Legends?

Zamphira: I happened to be good at the game so it would feel like a waste to not aim for the very best. And playing at a competitive level or at least going for it is a very different kind of fun than your everyday game.
Diamond: I'm pretty sure we all got bored of playing solo queue and tried our best to get against better players.
zDc: I'm a competitive team player in every team game I played.
Captain Ziploc: I definitely agree with Diamond about that. Playing as a team is much better than playing solo queue. Especially that this game is all about strategies, which make the team play even more important.

In your goals to become better, how did you all come together as a team?

Diamond: We pretty much all met at LAN ETS 2013 which is the biggest LAN in Quebec. We were in different teams but when I heard that their team was splitting up/having troubles with their bot lane, I tried getting in contact again with them and making up a line-up with all the best Quebec players.

That's relatively recent, then. How often are you practicing together as a team and are there any strict guidelines for practice?

Morbuzaan: This team has been practicing together for about a week now, and we play every day for a few hours in the evening.
zDc: 7pm-12 approximately in week days.

Was there any sort of special preparation for the Go4LoL March Monthly Finals, considering you haven't had that much time together as a team?

Morbuzaan: That was actually played with the old roster of Ziploc, Zamphira, Xxesw, Kuhbe and Wuhbe. And as to the preparation for that tournament, we barely got to play the week leading up to it, which was one of the catalysts for the roster change.

In retrospect, was the win a result of more luck than teamwork?

Morbuzaan: No, definitely not. The team had been together for 3 or 4 months leading up to that, so they were experienced working together.

Back to the present roster, is Wazabi Gaming planning on being picked up by any organizations?

Morbuzaan: We don't have any plans to be, but if someone approaches us with an enticing offer, it's certainly a possibility. We don't have any interest in joining an organization just to be with an organization, though. We're definitely holding out for something meaningful.

Random question, what's the story behind the similarity between the names Kuhbe and Wuhbe?

Diamond: They're gay.
Zamphira: They're not actually gay, Ziploc is writing an answer.
Captain Ziploc: They're 2 guys that met each other on League of Legends, then they became in real life friends. Wuhbe used to be named DragonBleu.
Diamond: I'm pretty sure they are.
Captain Ziploc: No they aren't.
Morbuzaan: I'm pretty sure Diamond is a huge troll.
Captain Ziploc: Excuse him. So yeah, DragonBleu decided to rename Wuhbe since they were going to play together bot lane. There is not a "real" reason for that.

Interesting responses. In closing, are there any final words, shout-outs, scrim contact info, or anything else you would like to share?

Zamphira: Shout-out to /vg/ the best community.
Diamond: d2jsp sucks ass.
Zamphira: We thank you for taking the time to interview us.
zDc: Thanks you for the interview. I appreciate it.
Morbuzaan: If anyone wants to contact us, feel free to add me in game "Morbuzaan" or message me on ESL (same name). And yeah, thanks for your time, Orc, it's always a pleasure.
zDc: Shout-out to bronze player.
Orcasm, Monday, 29/04/13 12:44
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