Joey Wheeler is God vs. Shuddering Happiness
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 Joey Wheeler is God
 Shuddering Happiness
Status: closed
MatchID 27943381
Date Sunday 03 March 2013 16:15
Calculated Sunday 03 March 2013 19:29
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Shuddering Happiness wins ! (Default Win)
Shuddering Happiness Win before server crash
Hello! My team Shuddering Happiness was victories in our second round. It was a really brutal stomp, but not recorded in match history due to the server crash. Sadly, we did not get a screenshot afterwards because progression in Go4LoL is usually automatic. I don't really have proof that we won, but just looking at the average League of my team versus there's you can see how unbalanced the game was. Anyway, please get back to me if you are unable to progress us forward.

Summoner Name: AcapellaSabir
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