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Looking for Team/Player
Author Posting
Are you looking for a team?  Need a player? 

Post it here and give us a little background on yourself or the team.
Team of 4 skilled players looking for 1 more to make our fifth for the tournament. We need a tank, so if you believe you can fulfill this role well enough for tournament play, feel free to message "Yizzey" in game, or reply here. Need replies fast so we can practice and discuss team formation and strategies.
I'd be willing to play with you guys. What tournament are you speaking of though? I can only attend LAN tournaments in the Northeast region, I can't fly anywhere to compete. I added you in game, I am Aeohrta, accept me so I can get some details.
ST0PNG0 Accept me try me out i can play shen and i have some viable damage chars..
(Edit) Looking for 2 skilled players now, 1 of which we need to tank. Message me in game.
Hello! Team Aint No Bull is looking for a few new members and a sub or two! We currently have players that fill the following roles:

Saga of Ilthire: AP, support
UnforgivenOne: Carry, jungle, tank
LiiLGuY: Jungle, carry

Optimally, we are looking for someone who can fill multiple roles so that we can try new things. These should include: Tank, support, jungle, and/or carry. Occasionally, we also need some more AP, but those instances are rare.

We highly prefer that you are able to fill than one role. Please fill out the form below and send it to url[][]url. Don't bother applying if you're not level 30.

As a note, we are a tournament and ranked 5s driven team. If you have no interest in doing tournaments, also do not apply.

We require that you have a mic/headset, ventrillo, and skype.

Also, we are a very positive, team oriented team. If you like to bash your teammates and cannot take feedback on what we/you did wrong in the match, you also need not apply.


Real Name:
Summoner Name:
Ranked 3s ELO:
Ranked Solo:
Ranked team 5s:
Email Address:
Skype Username:
Timezone and Place of Residence:
Favorite Champions:
Champions you dislike playing against most and why?:
Who are the two most OP champions and explain why?:
Who is the most under rated champion and why is he/she good?

Include anything else you feel is applicable.


Saga of Ilthire
** deleted **

My name is Stârk and I am looking for a strong team. My main characters are currently Sion, Taric, Zilean and Heimerdinger (all AP dmg builds). I am a very strong player and can carry or support very well. My strength is AP builds, although I have crit runes I have not found an AD character I've enjoyed.

If you need a sub or are looking for another member, please add me as a friend in LoL. We can have a few games and discuss further details from there.

FYI - The "â" in my name can be typed via alt+numpad 0226.

You may also contact me via  Please enter "LoL ESL" as the subject.
I am lookin for a team as well. I am 24 and a mature player though i enjoy a good laugh like anyone else.

I play my best with Udyr (not jungle) and Irelia.

I am looking to get into more intense
Name's Tim and I have a buddy, who're both looking for a team together. We both have a lot of games experience and are pretty versatile when it comes to champs we can play.

Damage: MF, Ashe, Ezreal, Vlad
Tank: Shen, Singed, Taric
Jungle: Trundle, Nunu

Damage: Anivia, Garen, Morde, TF
Tank: Shen
Jungle: Akali

Im looking to Join a 5's Team if any team has a spot.

My 3's Elo is Unranked atm : 7 Wins, , 1 Loss so far.
5's Elo is Only at 1251 as i dont play it that much.
Solo Que Unranked atm.

My IGN is leethalplayer, i pretty much can play any character you need,

to be shorter, i Dont Own: Kass, Anivia, Kog, Gragas, Udyr, Singed, Taric, Swain, and Xin.

email me @ or send me a in game invite.
Sup, im Ben IGN WiskyJack and im hoping to find a team of 5's for this. right now I seem to be doing best with AD Blitzcrank, I also play fiddlesticks Malzahar, and I sometimes tank with Amumu. if you think I would be able to help your team out my email is
Looking for a 5v5 team, I have over 1000 wins on 2 accounts and about 850-900 losses. I play carries such as Ashe, Kassadin, and Annie. My in game name is Kludo, hit me up with invites. I also have a friend who plays tanks like Malphite and Shen and he is good to.
Looking for a team. Ingame name is Clockworkz.

I am currently in the 1600s elo. I have over 90% win rate as karthus; only possible way i can lose if due to team feeding; i always dominate.

I am also able to to play karma, kass, leblanc, nasus, trynd, nunu, sivir, soraka, trundle, teemo, zilean, and twitch well.
my name is PalinMajere.... im lookin to team up with some serious players....

i only play in evenings and on weekends due to work... but anyways ...

i own half the champs in thegame and can use them all(all tanks and alota casters and a few dps)

been stuck with solo que for awhile due to unreliable friends....

look up my name and friend me in game if want....
Lvl 30 summoner my characters are Dr. Mundo, Udyr, Renekton, and Rammus. But i do have alot of the characters.

i am a team player. I know when i need to innitiate as a tank and the squishy kill order. I play LoL alot and watch many tournaments to start playing. Look me up my gamer tag is Merubu.
Hello! My name is Austin and i'm looking for a 5v5 team.

Some information:
1. I can play a few champions in any role very well. For a few examples:
A. Tank - Shen (Jungle or lane) Chogath (Jungle or lane) Malphite (Jungle or Lane) and many more.
B. Support - Taric (Jungle or lane) Janna (Bottom Lane) Nidalee (Any lane)
C. Physical DPS - Ashe (Mid, solo) Kogmaw (Mid) MF (Any lane) Tristana (Any lane)
D. Magical - I can play most any AP champion well.
E. Jungle (My favorite / best jungles) - Chogath, shen, warwick, udyr, fiddle, amumu, shaco (Though I dont enjoy jungle shaco emoticon-tongue )

I'm very friendly, but i'm also very competitive and i'm here to be with a team that will work together to win. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you and your team! emoticon-grin

Contact information:
LoL ingame name- iCaried (Add me + Msg me saying ESL/then we'll chat emoticon-grin )
Email - Shaveaustin @ Gmail . com - Please include in the subject LoL ESL

Side information:
I want a team that will work hard and practice together. I like to be prepared. So if you're a team that practices, is competitive, friendly, and wants to win - Contact me as soon as possible!

Thanks emoticon-grin !
I am pretty new to this website, but I am a lvl 22 LoL player. I'm pretty decent, my characters im really good at is akali, master yi, pantheon, ashe, trist and trynd, and for a tank, im pretty good at morde and rammus. My ingame name is "Temir". My real name is Temir. I've been loosing alot because of many teammates leaving and uncooperated teammates. I try to lead my team to victory.
Looking for team, have about 500 wins and all champs. can fill most dps rolls and i kind of main tryn and kat. i can also tank if needed. contact me ingame with the name i have at right. o and my flaw in a game is im to agressive but i am working at it so plz let me know. please ignore my ranked stats as i never play ranked, i let my friend use my account for ranked.
ello' mates!

Name's KingofKups in game. I play with atk speed runes/CDR for madred/pushing champions. I also have <font face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">a mage pen set for casting burst (ryze/leblanc/annie/etc.)

I own most champs and make a hell of a blitzcrank as well. Looking for a team that only needs 1 more; Contact me here or in game. Who's ready to win?</font>
IGN Cinque almost 1k wins probably near 2k games played

I'm an aggressive player but i try to be tactfully so. Very versatile and still practicing more champions to expand my abilities. I like making early game lane dominance a priority.

ap: Poppy, malzahar, teemo, katarina, sion, annie, fiddle sticks, karthus, lux, ryze, morgana, swain

ad: poppy, jax, master yi, nasus, shaco, Warwick, xin zhao, blitzcrank, ashe

tank: shen, amumu, singed, taric, rammus, galio,

can jungle with anyone listed above thats viable

least comfortable as a ranged carry but i can do in a pinch.

feel free to add me ingame and we'll play a few games to see if things work out
Hello everyone I play Karthus everyday all day and beast if anyone needs a beast Karthus message me.Pm me on LOL @ Kenpachi 419
hey everyone, looking for a team

im from the US, I have vent and I can play alot of different characters

i main as a tank, usually amumu or malphite but I'm also very experienced with mal, katrina, and udyr

my league name is creativetruth, im on there everyday so send me a friend request if you would like me to try out for a team

I am looking for a team. I am a very skilled Asian player that can't find a good enough team. I speciallize in AP and own at least 35 champions.
My name is xXTheBishopXx

ThankYou, and please... no noobs.
Yo Names Robert IGN XxCorbenicxX hardcore player looking for a 5's team with other sious members add me in game or w/e. I can play just about any charecter but i probably specialize in ap heros or tanks. Also im probably the best skillshot there is but thats just my opinion.
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