Marauder Clan
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The Marauder's are a International Multi-Gaming clan devoted to ensuring that every member is at the least, decent, in whatever game they join for. Should that member not be decent, we will live train them to become so. This is a mature, fun, and skilled clan, and we plan on keeping it this way for the duration of our time.

If you're interested in Joining The Marauder's, please make sure that you have a Teamspeak 3 Client Downloaded as well as a working microphone and headset. Why headset? Because otherwise we can hear feedback, your neighbor's screwing and quite often babies crying.

While The Marauder's are all about raping and pillaging, crying babies are just too much.

We're a newly formed Clan seeking Mature and Fun adults seeking a clan in which they can both Learn or have fun at the same time. Please before applying read the rules of the clan thoroughly. We must uphold these rules to make a strong clan! If you believe you are the one suited to join then please feel free to stop by our website and drop in an application. WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN AND WIN. Have a great day and I hope to hear back from some people! Thanks.

9000 Kappas

If you're looking for a adult gaming clan that specifically aims at not only having fun but actually winning games. We're the one-stop shop.

Please apply at
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