Luckmasters are now accepting preregistrations!
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The Luckmasters* are now officially accepting preregistrations for competitive play in League of Legends. Must be at summoner level 15 or higher to preregister for this new team for play starting in the 2015 Competitive season. United States only, no location preference required. Preseason play deadline is November 30 so join us today!

This preregistration approach to signups will allow for interested summoners to reach level 30 in advance of preseason play if they have not already done so. Additionally, due to the remaining time within the 2014 season it is necessary to undertake such an approach in order to allow for adequate preparation time.

If you're still interested after reading the above information, you may proceed to the preregistration page at upon your personal convenience. Please note that a password is not required to join, so you can safely ignore the password input.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Our unofficial team mascot Good Luck Bear is sourced from the Care Bears, (TM) and (C) TCFC, Inc. No affiliation with the aforementioned entity is claimed at this time.

* Special note: To avoid confusion with our team mascot's name and reduce the chance of incuring a lack of compliance with ESL competition rules in relation to the applicable character from which our team name and mascot are derived, I have reposted this notice and changed our registration accordingly. Please excuse the inconvenience regarding this matter.
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