Hearthstone King of the Hill #13 Roundup
Welcome back, Tavern attendees and Millhouse Manastorm enthusiasts! This week we saw a lot of top-notch players gathering by the fire to duke it out for the right to take home the King’s crown and $500 prize! It was a series of exciting matches by our three players, Chonqi, Gaara, and Amaz. Chonqi and Gaara sparred first, with the winner challenging Amaz. Let’s go through a recap of the matches!

Match 1: Chongqi Vs Gaara

Game 1: Chonqi’s Hybrid Druid Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-0

The match started off with a strong hand and early start from Chonqi, who coined down an Ancient Watcher turn 1, and gave it taunt turn 2. Gaara responded with Wrath to dispose of the Sunfury Protector, and Innervated out Sylvanas to defend on turn 4. She was quickly silenced, thanks to Chonqi’s Keeper of the Grove. The two players fought for control over the next few turns before Gaara took a strong lead with Swipe, leaving Chillwind Yeti and Sunwalker on the field. Chonqi struggled to take back control, though Gaara solidified his position with Ancient of War. Chonqi was unable to handle the board advantage and big taunts that Gaara continued to play, and he conceded after running out of cards.

Game 2: Chonqi’s Aggro Warrior Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-1

Chonqi started off very strong, dropping down a Leper Gnome turn 1, and a Faerie Dragon the turn after. Gaara started off differently, choosing to use Wild Growth on turn 2 to get the ability to play his costly taunts earlier. He played Keeper of the Grove to dispose of Faerie Dragon, but a Kor’kron Elite dispatched it as well. Gaara used Swipe to clear his opponent’s minions, buying himself some time to get up a taunt. Chonqi responded with his Fiery War Axe and Bloodsail Raider. The two continued to trade off with each other before Gaara played down Ancient of War, forcing Chonqi to run Leeroy Jenkins and Heroic Strike into it. Gaara took advantage of the brief respite to place to 7/7 taunts on the board, thanks to an Ancient of Lore, Mark of the Wild, and then Faceless Manipulator. Chonqi tried to swing things back into his favor with the Black Knight, but was unable to overcome Gaara’s creatures. Facing off against Sylvanas, Chillwind Yeti, and Big Game Hunter, Chonqi conceded again.

Game 3: Chonqi’s Trap Hunter Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-2

For an Aggro Hunter, the game started off a little on the slow side. Gaara used Wild Growth, and besides using the Eaglehorn Bow, Chonqi only used his hero power the first 4 turns. He used Nourish to draw a few more cards, and Chonqi finally played the first minion of the game, Stonetusk Boar, on turn 5. Gaara responded with Sunwalker, though it was quickly silenced by Chonqi. After a Kill Command and second Eaglehorn Bow to finish his turn, Gaara was left with 10 health. He used Mark of the Wild to taunt Sunwalker again, and then echoed the previous game by using Faceless Manipulator on it. Chonqi took care of it with Stonetusk and a Hunter’s Mark, but struggled to kill the other Sunwalker. He was forced to play Leeroy to prep Gaara’s board for his explosive trap, but Gaara had too many healing cards and taunts, and held firm. Chonqi conceded shortly after.

Match 2: Amaz Vs Gaara

Game 1: Amaz’s Control Priest Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-0

Both players started off with signature cards, Wild Growth for Gaara and Northshire Cleric for Amaz. Gaara managed to silence Northshire with Keeper of the Grove, and the players began to spar. Amaz used the notorious Injured Blademaster/Circle of Healing combo, and Gaara responded with a Faceless Manipulator. They exchanged blows with each other over the next few turns, though Gaara’s Sunwalkers helped give him an edge during the mid-game.Facing off against Auchenai Soulpriest and Northshire, Gaara used Starfall to clear board. This in turn forced Amaz to use Holy Nova to dispatch a single-health Sunwalker. Gaara played out Ancient of War which was quickly taken down by Shadow Word: Death, though he gained card advantage by playing Ancient of Lore the next turn. Amaz attempted to kill it with Ragnaros, but the legendary hit Gaara instead. It was taken out by Big Game Hunter the next turn, along with another Ancient of Lore. He managed to deal lethal damage a few turns after with his creatures and Swipe to finish.

Game 2: Amaz’s Mid-range Hunter Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-1

Match 2 started off with a Coined and Innvervated Chillwind. It managed to get off an attack, but was then taken out with Deadly Shot. Using Tracking, Amaz gave up Leeroy and Unleash the Hounds to get Animal Companion, which turned into Misha. Gaara responded with an Ancient of War, letting Amaz play down a River Crocolisk and Hyena. Using both Wraths and his Ancient, he cleared Amaz’s board, who then played out Savannah Highmane. The two traded off, but Gaara then dropped down his second Ancient of War. Amaz countered with his second Hyena, along with the two from Savannah’s Deathrattle and a Stonetusk Boar. Gaara was then forced to use a Druid of the Claw and his hero power to kill the Hyena. The game slowed for a few turns, with Amaz using his Scavenging Buzzards to draw some cards, and Gaara using his Druid of the Claw to control the board. Faceless Manipulator on the Druid let him clear most of Amaz’s board. A few turns later the board stood empty after Sylvanas was taken care of thanks to Hunter’s Mark and a Stampeding Kodo. Amaz summoned a second Misha, who was stopped by Gaara’s taunting Ancient of Lore after Mark of the Wild. With the help of a second Faceless Manipulator, Amaz realized defeat and conceded.

Game 3: Amaz’s Control Warrior Vs Gaara’s Ramp Druid 0-2

Gaara started off with Wild Growth, and then played out a Chillwind Yeti turn 3. Amaz responded with armoring, both with the hero power and Shield Block. Gaara opted to use Mark of the Wild on Chillwind in order to remove as much armor as possible. Amaz defended by using Faceless Manipulator, but Swipe and Wrath took care of it. Amaz then played Azure Drake, which was taken out by Chillwind Yeti. Gaara followed up by playing Sunwalker, taking strong control. Amaz was able to use Cleave and Cruel Taskmaster to clear the Chillwind, but Gaara played a second Sunwalker afterwards. Block and Shield Slam took care of one, and Amaz played Acolyte of Pain to face off against the remaining Sunwalker. Ancient of Lore was put down, and Amaz responded with Ragnaros, killing Sunwalker with his weapon. Ragnaros hit Gaara instead of the Ancient of Lore, and it was taken out with Big Game Hunter the turn after for the second time this match. Gaara followed it up with Ancient of War. Amaz cleared the board using both executes, and Azure Drake, and Whirlwind, and Gaara then played Cenarius. With no good options, Amaz was forced to use Brawl, fortunately leaving his Azure Drake as the only survivor. It was taken out by Keeper of the Grove with Sylvanas played on its heels. Kor’kron Elite and Shield Bash managed to finish off Sylvanas followed up by Baron Geddon. The players continued back and forth for a few turns until Gaara’s 10/10 taunting Alexstraza faced off against Kor’kron and Armorsmith. With only a few health remaining, Amaz was not able to find a draw that would kill Alexstraza, giving the win to Gaara.

It was a lot of back and forth matches, but Gaara was able to go undefeated this week, his Ramp Druid taking down each opposing deck one after the other. He’s sure to be up for a challenge against two wary opponents next week, who will no doubt have tricks up their sleeves to take down the Druid on their own way to the crown! No matter who ends up on top, it’s always an exciting set of matches and a great competition for Hearthstone!

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