Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #4 - June 1-2
One more weekend of Dota 2 RaidCall until the Group Stage begins! Don't forget to sign up!

For the upcoming Summer 2013 season, there will be a separate qualification for Dota 2 teams from the Americas, offering $500 to the winning team each week! In the new RaidCall EMS One Americas, established teams as well as up-and-coming talents will face off in an action-packed online season with the winner directly qualifying for the live event finals in Europe.

May 11th/12th
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #1
Winner: Typical Mistakes
May 18th/19th
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #2
Winner: Kaipi
May 25th/26th
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #3
Winner: Team Dignitas
June 1st/2nd
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #4
June 5th/6th/7th
Dota 2 Group Stage
Top 8 Teams
June 8th/9th
Dota 2 Playoffs
Top 4 Group Stage Teams

RaidCall EMS One Summer 2013 Americas - Cup Information

Each week, teams will play against each other for points.
Participation in each cup is necessary to gain enough points to move on to the group stage.
Top teams each week will gain more points than lower-ranked teams.
After 4 cups have concluded, the top 8 teams will advance to the group stage.
All cup matches will be best of 1, with the exception of the finals of each cup, which will be a best of 3.
All Group Stage and Playoffs matches will be best of 3.
Each RaidCall Qualification Cup is split into 2 days: Saturday and Sunday. The starting times for each day will be at 6 pm EST.
The winners of the playoffs will have travel support for the finals in Europe.

How to Make a Team

Step 1: Register
To get started, you need to register. Then you can edit your profile and enter your gameaccounts.

Step 2: Make a Team
To play with a team, join one or create one and invite your teammates.

Step 3: Play!
More detailed information on registering and getting players into your team can be found in this Getting Started Guide.

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Current Standings

#1: Try Hard Dota (200 points)
#2: Typical Mistakes (135 points)
#3: Team Dignitas (100 points)
#3: Kaipi (100 points)
#5: Netolic.SA (75 points)
#6: Artyk (75 points)
#7: Funny Team (70 points)
#8: Cogito Ergo Sum (60 points)

#9: TOP5 (60 points)
#10: Evil Geniuses (50 points)
#10: Fusion E-Sports (50 points)
#12: Meenix eSports (45 points)
#13: SplasH (35 points)
#13: Carry TP (35 points)
#13: ShitHappens (35 points)
#13: Team Legacy (35 points)
#17: Digital Brotherhood (25 points)
#17: Dust Gaming (25 points)
#17: Squishers (25 points)
#20: Elite 5 (20 points)
#20: Phantoms eSports (20 points)
#22: JIGGA (10 points)
#22: Team oGaming (10 points)
#22: Team Magikarp (10 points)
#22: Good Day Taku (10 points)
#22: Aware Gaming NA (10 points)
#22: Molotov eSports (10 points)
#22: An!mosity (10 points)
#22: The Fun Machine (10 points)
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Dota 2 Raidcall Cup #3 Results
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