ESL's Go4LoL Cup #31 Recap with Frenetic Array's JKS
Greetings Summoners! Today I bring to you ESL's Go4LoL Cup #31 recap.

In front of over 150 people watching their screens, 18 teams turned up to compete. Teams such as Little Wraith, Avant-Garde, Zen, Mindfreak eSports and Frenetic Array Umart were all in attendance, but the chat favourite iM were not seen in today’s competition
The Quarterfinals saw Little Wraith pull a convincing performance against Core gaming while the relatively unknown Dolfs goes Bunbun pull ahead of Filthy Pirates Xpress. Frenetic Array was also off the stream as they went toe-to-toe with Avant-Garde to pick up a win through to the Semi-finals.

Zen met Mindfreak eSports in the featured match and it was 6 minutes of passive-aggressive farming until an engage in the bot lane from Zen’s support, saw an easy gank from Lee Sin to get first blood on MF’s support annie.

Just a few minutes later, a roam from MF’s bot lane saw Zen’s AP Corki Midlane sent back for a respawn.

But from here, Zen slowed the game down and team fights erupted with even trades. The first team fight went 2-2 for the teams with Zen picking up the dragon afterwards. Not long after a gank in the bot lane and an awesome outplay saw Zen pick up 2-0.

This was all Zen needed to get back in the game as their objective control kicked into gear. Dragon after dragon, tower after tower, Zen were just too strong for Mindfreak eSports as they pushed their way through all defences and into the semi-final.

Heading into the semi-finals, off stream Little Wraith made short work of Dolfs Goes Bunbun, moving into the Grand-final and sending DFB into the 3rd place final to play against whichever team couldn’t pull across the line in Zen vs Frenetic Array.

4 minutes of pure aggression in the top lane paid off in the end when Hiro on Renekton pulled a clutch first blood over OneHand’s Shyvana a split second before falling to Shyvana’s ignite.

With a 2-2 team fight and another 1-1 trade around the dragon pit, Zen were able to pick up dragon and the top tier 1 tower making it look like their objective domination was set to continue on form last game.

17 minutes in saw total aggression coming out from Zen, where Vayne and Janna went balls-deep on a dive to finish off LittleUberGiant on Thresh. However both were quickly dealt with as UberGiantsBro on Sivr was able to clean up and save his bro with a single bar of HP to spare.

Zen went back to farming dragons before being caught out in a 0-2 team fight and Frenetic Array grouped up to push the advantages. The pushing power of Fray and the sheer tankiness of Shyvana proved too much for Zen as Fray forced themselves through to the grand-final.

The 3rd place final took place off stream and saw Zen taking on Dolfs Goes Bunbun. Dolfs Goes Bunbun was able to close out the win over Zen, taking 3rd place for the tournament.

Heading into the Best-of-3 grand-final, Frenetic Array were staring into the challenge of beating the currently monthly champions, Little Wraith. Although Little Wraith were not fortunate enough to take out Go4LoL cup #30, they have still proven to be a power house all day, dominating the teams they encountered.

In game 1, Little Wraith pulled out a lane swap, sending LW Jinx’s Jinx and OKtiger’s Lulu into the top lane to take on OneHand’s Rengar.

The action kicked off in the mid lane only 3 and a half minutes in with Claire’s Riven tower diving Wild Joshy’s Kassadin at only level 4. The bot lane followed up almost immediately forcing LW’s top laner and jungle to back, letting UberGiantsBro extend his cs lead.

Little Wraith took down the first tower in the top lane at 6 minutes, but OneHand remained defiant holding lane while LittleUberGiant’s Leona ganked mid lane allowing Riven to further her lead over Kassadin, picking up another kill.

Things were looking up for LW as LW Jinx picked up a kill against Bma in the bot lane, but the combined pressure of a roaming Frenetic Array proved too powerful for the LW line up as team fights after team fight saw Frenetic Array polish off the monthly champions in 35 minutes.

Game 2 saw the return of Shyvana for frenetic Array, while Little Wraith found a comfort pick for Wild Joshy in the form of Nidalee.

Again the aggression between these 2 teams was clear as 3 minutes in Chelby’s Elise in conjunction with Nidalee, both tower dived Claire’s Zed at only level 3 each. While Wild Joshy was able to pick up Claire for first blood, a counter gank from Bma’s amumu saw Nidalee stunned under tower for Fray’s first kill.

But once these plays were made, the aggression fell off from both sides seeing a passive game until 9 minutes when Elise was caught in the mid lane by 3 of Fray’s players, allowing them a free dragon. Meanwhile in the top lane OneHand’s Shyvana was showing just how her tankiness could outplay Jax until Nidalee roamed top and put an end with a spear to the back.

As Frenetic Array grouped together, the tankiness of Shyvana and Amumu combined with the pushing power of Jinx, saw towers fall, buffs stolen and team fights just dominated. 19 minutes in and Frenetic Array had compiled an 11 kill and 10k gold lead over Little Wraith.

Only 4 minutes later we saw Frenetic Array diving under towers again with Shyvana once again and a Pentakill from UberGiantsBro saw Fray pickup game 2 and 1st place in the Go4LoL cup #31.

Fresh from the win over Little Wraith, I was joined by Frenetic Array’s JKS (a.k.a OneHand) in the top lane to talk about the day.

So JKS, how does it feel to pick up 1st place in Go4LoL #31?

JKS: It feels, pretty good. I haven’t played a tournament in over a month, so picking up a win in the first tournament back is always nice.

Coming into today and being up against the like of Ministry eSports and Avant-Garde, how did you feel today would go?

JKS: Well I always think positively, especially not seeing iM anywhere. We have had good results against Little Wraith in the past so was feeling good.

No Rippi today. How was having Bma back in the line-up today?

JKS: Well he was in the line-up for 6-7 months so we know how he plays. It’s always nice to have him play and it’s an easy transition when Rippi goes away.

So now you have a 1st place in a Go4LoL cup, what is next for Frenetic Array?

JKS: Well we will definitely be looking forward to the autumn qualifiers and monthly final for Go4LoL.

Well you had a good day in the top lane today, what are the strongest top lane champions right now?

JKS: Shyvana, Mundo, renekton and Rengar are the four best right now. They pretty much all build and play the same. Mundo and Shyvana are probably the best two but Renekton and rengar would not be far behind. I think I pretty much played Shyvana or Renekton every game but 1, where I played Malphite.

Speaking of that top lane Malphite, you had everyone talking about a Trinity force Malphite, where did that come from?

Trinity force Malphite is ok on him as he has one of the best ad scaling abilities in the game, his W (Ground Slam). It works ok against Shyvana because you can trade with here, when she has no sustain so you can out trade her using it. I first saw it when Wicked played it in Battle of the Atlantic. I thought it looked interesting so I tried it a few times on Solo queue and it worked well.

How is Frenetic Array working with the vision changes?

I think pretty well. One of our key focuses is to have to have either 5 or close to 5 pink wards out. If you place them right you can get a lot of vision out of them.

Do you have any scrimming partners to help practice with?

It varies really, at the end of last year we were scrimming iM a lot. Recently we have scrimmed Mindfreak and Zen. It just depends on who is on at the time.

So we will we see Fray in Go4LoL next week and beyond?

JKS: Definitely on the horizon we want to get into the autumn qualifiers and into the best of 8. Go4LoL next week we will be using as practice for the qualifying games. I think all the games are around the same time, we aren’t focused on one particular game. I think we just want to qualify and win the best of 8.

Any Shout outs?

JKS: I'd like to give a quick shout out to our sponsors Razer, Umart and Game Traders who have supported us for the past year!

So there we have it folks. That was JKS, Frenetic Array's top laner. A quick shout out to ESL's partners TeamDownTV who bring you all the Go4LoL action each week. TeamDownTV can be found on Facebook and Twitter and we will be back along with ESL next week to bring you all the action in Go4LoL Cup #32 at 12pm, 2 hours later than the usual start time.

Have a great week and we will see you this sunday at midday at Dont miss it!

8006748, Wednesday, 22/01/14 05:53
Australia League of Legends Go4LoL Cup #31
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