StarCraft 2 Groups
After weeks of qualification, the players to attend Intel Extreme Masters Singapore have been determined and the groups drawn.

The player to advance through Chinese qualification has not yet been determined, but the Chinese slot has been assigned to Group C.

Sadly enough, the American Zerg player IdrA can not participate in the event. His replacement is the Korean Protoss StarDust.

Korean Qualification

The Korean qualification, running from October 30th to November 11th, saw big names such as MMA, aLive and SuperNoVa trying to qualify, sadly enough though, not a single Terran has made it through.

The four players who did manage to qualify were the Protoss MC and the three Zerg players YugiOh, Miya and Sniper.

Singaporean Qualifier

As is tradition with Intel Extreme Masters events, the champion of the hosting nation gets seeded into the event. Since no national champion was known, a pure Singaporean qualifier was hosted to determine the best StarCraft II player in Singapore, who turned out to be the Protoss ProAnn.

This leaves the list of currently qualified players entirely without Terran players, which can still change in the Open Bracket though.

The Groups

The image above displays the final groups, only players to still join is the one missing Chinese player as well as the 8 players coming from the Open Bracket.

In total, the qualified players consist of 5 European players, 4 Korean players, 3 South and North American players, and 4 players from the region South East Asia, Australia and China. An Open Bracket will allow 8 players to qualify and round up the number of players to 24.

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

The Intel Extreme Masters Singapore will take place November 22nd to 25th and will host both League of Legends and StarCraft II with a total prize pool of $82,000.

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