Grubby gets Singapore spot
The famous Dutch Protoss player Grubby will be participating in the Intel Extreme Masters Singapore. He replaces TITAN, who is not able to participate.

Grubby was among the top 6 in Stage 3 of the European qualification process; he lost to White-Ra in the very close match for the 5th and last qualifying spot.

Now, as TITAN does not participate in the event, his spot has opened up for Grubby.

Grubby at Gamescom

The Dutch player had participated in the Open Bracket and qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom in August, beating significant players such as the 2011 Intel Extreme Masters World Champion AcE and the very successful GSL player Oz.

In the group stage he faced who would later become quarter finalists sLivko and Bomber, as well as the "protoss killer" elfi, not allowing him to move on to the play-offs.

To Singapore!

Now is Grubby's second chance this season to prove that he's one of the best players in the world by participating in the Intel Extreme Masters Singapore.

Not only does this provide the WarCraft III legend with the chance at an Intel Extreme Masters title - it is at the same time an opportunity for him to visit his wife's home country: Singapore.

The participants

List of qualified players for Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

The Intel Extreme Masters Singapore will take place November 22nd to 25th and will host both League of Legends and StarCraft II with a total prize pool of $82,000.

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