Azubu Frost and Blaze in Katowice
The two Korean teams Azubu Frost and Azubu Blaze have qualified for Intel Extreme Masters Katowice through the Korean qualifier on Saturday, January 12th.

They are taking the two Asian spots that were still left to be determined, while one American spot has opened up again due to Pulse eSports not being able to partiicpate. The team to replace them will be announced soon.

Similarly, in StarCraft II the players KiLLeR and Stephano will not be able to participate. KiLLeR's replacement will be the American Protoss player Siphonn, while Stephano will be replaced by the German Protoss Socke.

Azubu and Azubu

With the Korean qualifiers concluded, where both teams of the famous organization Azubu have beaten significant enemies such as Intel Extreme Masters Cologne champions SK Telecom T1 and LG IM, Azubu Blaze will be playing it out in Group A, while Azubu Frost has been seeded into Group B.

The team to replace Pulse eSports will take their spot in Group B.

Two Zerg players out, two Protoss players in

As KiLLeR and Stephano both will not be able to participate in the event, Socke and Siphonn, two Protoss players, will be taking their spots.

Siphonn will be in Group B replacing KiLLeR, while Socke, as 9th qualifying player through the European qualifiers, will be taking Stephano's place in Group C. Siphonn had beaten players such as Goswser, Ryze and KawaiiRice to get into Stage 3 of the American qualifiers.


With the most recent changes, here is an overview of the groups for both games.

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will take place January 18th-20th in the famous multipurpose arena complex Spodek, often used for some of Poland's largest sports events and concerts, in Katowice, Poland. The event will feature League of Legends and StarCraft II with a total prize pool of $82,000.

Travel information can be found here.

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