Jatt and Panky make an appearance
Joe Miller, ButButButILY, Deman, Jatt and Panky will be covering Intel Extreme Masters Katowice's $50,000 League of Legends tournament for you.

With Joe Miller, Deman and Jatt casting, and ButButButILY hosting the analysis desk where he is joined by Panky and another player that will be announced soon, we aim to bring you the most in-depth live coverage possible. ReDeYe will be the show host.

The Experts - Panky and ButButButILY

Christopher 'Panky' Pankhurst, who started his casting career as a part of the organizations Absolute Legends and Curse, is one of the most popular League of Legends commentators in the world. Major tournaments he has commentated include the Hear To Win Cup as well as DreamHack 2012. With him at the analysis desk will be Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan of ESL TV and another player that will be announced soon. Joining them will be three other well known personalities from the scene. Joe and his long time partner and freshly recruited Riot Games commentator Leigh 'Deman' Smith and his colleague Joshua 'Jatt' Leesman will be commentating the matches.

Host - Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner
Caster - Joe 'JOE' Miller
Caster - Leigh 'Deman' Smith
Caster - Joshua 'Jatt' Leesman
Expert - Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan
Expert - Christopher 'Panky' Pankhurst

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will take place January 18th-20th in the famous multipurpose arena complex Spodek, often used for some of Poland's largest sports events and concerts, in Katowice, Poland. The event will feature League of Legends and StarCraft II with a total prize pool of $82,000.

Travel information can be found here.

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