LoL EU Regionals hosted by Intel Extreme Masters
The Intel Extreme Masters in cooperation with Riot Games will host the League of Legends European Regionals at gamescom. From the 16-19th of August eight teams will fight for $150.000 and three spots to the $2.000.000 League of Legends Season Two World Championship.

All participating teams will also receive ranking points for the Intel Extreme Masters Season 2012/13.

The Tournament

For the past months the best teams from Europe have been competing in various events, such as the Intel Extreme Masters Kiev and World Championship at CeBIT, to collect points for Riot Games' Season 2 Challenger Circuit Ranking.

Now it is time for the eight best teams to travel to Cologne, Germany, where they will compete in the Riot Games League of Legends European Regionals at Intel Extreme Masters. They compete for a total of $150.000 and the top three teams will qualify for the Riot Games' Season 2 World Championship with $2.000.000 in prize money. In addition they will also qualify for the upcoming Season 3 and collect points for the Intel Extreme Masters Season 2012/13 ranking.

The Teams (Season 2 Challenger Circuit Ranking)

SK Gaming (Araneae, Kev1n, Nyph, ocelote, Yellowstar)
CLG EU (Froggen, Krepo, Snoopeh, Wickd, Yellowpete)
FnaticRC (CyanideFi, LaMia, Pheilox, sOAZ, xPeke)
Moscow Five (Alex Ich, Darien, Diamondprox, Genja, GoSu Pepper)
Curse EU (Angush, extinkt, Malunoo, Sleper, xinec)
Team ALTERNATE (Rainy, Noaphiel, Fisch, ForellenLord, unso)
Team Acer (760, Celaver, LOL PRO, Puki style, SuperAZE) (Grom, HosaN, Kubon, Shushei, Veggie)

The Matches

The teams will be seeded in a single elimination bracket with a Best-of-Three format for each round. The first round matches will be:

Moscow Five vs.
FnaticRC vs. Curse EU
SK Gaming vs. Team Acer

The Prize Pool

1st Place $40.000 (+spot at the Season 2 World Championship)
2nd Place $30.000 (+spot at the Season 2 World Championship)
3rd Place $25.000 (+spot at the Season 2 World Championship)
4th Place $15.000
5-8th Place $10.000

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Didn`t Pheilox leave fnatic??
harpaj wrote:
Didn`t Pheilox leave fnatic??

He did, their new suport in nRated i think.
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