Araneae brings his insights!
The $50.000 League of Legends tournament at the Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, in the newly built ESL Arena, will be commentated by Joe Miller, ButButButILY, Deman, Zenon and Araneae.

ESL TV's Joe Miller and ButButButILY are joined by Deman, Zenon and Araneae, while Soe will be moderating the show. The event will run from the 14-16th of December with the grand final being played on Sunday, the 16th.

Now it's Aranaea's turn

After Carlos Rodriguez 'Ocelote' Santiago joined our analyst desk at Intel Extreme Masters Singapore, his former teammate Alvar 'Araneae' Martin Alenar, will be joining us for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne and contribute his insights as one of the world's most famous junglers to the analyst desk.

Other commentators at the event include ESL TV's Joe Miller and Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan, Joe's long time partner in crime Leigh 'Deman' Smith and Riot Games' Daniel 'Zenon' Klein. Our show moderator will be one of the most famous faces of eSports, Salome 'Soe' Gschwindt-Penski.

Moderator - Salome 'Soe' Gschwind-Penski
Caster - Joe Miller
Caster - Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan
Caster - Alvar 'Araneae' Martin Alenar
Caster - Leigh 'Deman' Smith
Caster - Daniel 'Zenon' Klein

For the first time ever, we will also have a German stream with commentators Alexander 'carni' Holtz Shedden and Martin 'unso' Szarnas, who had commentated the Riot Season 2 Finals previously.

German Caster - Alexander 'carni' Holtz Shedden
German Caster - Martin 'unso' Szarnas

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is the third event of the 2012/2013 season. It's taking place December 14th to 16th in the newly built ESL Arena, where 8 of the world's best teams will battle it out for the total prize money of $50,000 and a slot in the World Championship at CeBIT 2013.

If you are interested in experiencing the action live, tickets to the event are still available.

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