Groups and Schedule for IEM Cologne
We have drawn the groups and finalized the schedule for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, as the event is now merely a week away.

Sadly enough, a couple of replacements have had to be made, because neither Team FeaR, Team Dignitas, nor Taipei Assassins can participate.


The image below displays the confirmed participants and groups thus far.

Teams that have not been determined yet are the Korean slot, which is still open as the Korean qualifier will take place on Monday, 10th December; and the South East Asian slot, which has been freed up with Taipei Assassins resigning from the tournament due to players of the team having health issues and will be determined soon.


14th of December from 17:00 CET
League of Legends Group A

15th of December from 17:00 CET
League of Legends Group B

16th of December from 14:00 CET
League of Legends Semi Finals and Final

The first two tournament days (Group Phase) will start at 17:00 CET and run until approximately 23:15. With exception of Sunday, which starts at 14:00 CET, but will still run until approx. 23:00. The grand final on Sunday is expected to start around 20:00 CET.

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