Interview with Tunico
"I hope to pass through the group stage and perhaps make it to the top four"
Tunico is one of three Brazilian players to participate at the Global Challenge Sao Paulo. He qualified by winning the national championship and will be in Group B against DeMuslim, Feast and XlorD. We sat down with the young Zerg to get to know him, his ambitions and the StarCraft II scene in Brazil a little bit better.

Note: The questions were asked prior to the group drawing.

Interview with KT.Tunico

Hi and welcome Tunico. A lot of people outside of South America might not have heard of you so far. Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Renan Guilhem da Sila. I am 19 years old and i live in Jundiai, Sao Paulo. I play Zerg.

You qualified for your first ever Global Challenge by winning the Brazilian national qualification. How does it feel to be the national champion?

I am very happy that I qualified for the Global Challenge Sao Paulo by winning the national championship. I hope to show some great matches at the tournament.

The qualifier in Brazil had 49 players attending. How confident were you that you could win it?

I was not very confident that it could win the championship. I was hoping to reach the final, but once I got there I never thought I could win and qualify for the Global Challenge. The final was a ZvZ and that was not my best match-up at the time.

You will now participate in your first big international tournament ever. Are you excited or nervous?

I am very excited about the Global Challenge. it will be my first offline tournament on a global level and I hope that I can count on my experience. I am not nervous now but I will probably be nervous once I have to play.

A lot of popular names from North America, Europe and Asia will attend the event. How do you see your chances for the tournament?

I hope to pass through the group stage and perhaps make it to the top four, but the level of the other players is really high, superior to mine probably. It will depend a little bit on luck to play a good tournament.

The Brazilian StarCraft II scene is quite unknown to most people. Tell us a little bit about its size and how developed and competitive it is.

Is there a player at the event that you would really like to face and compete against and why?

No specific player because I still do not know all the players that will go, but it would be really interesting to play against a Korean to see the difference in playing level between him and my game.

The Intel Extreme Masters comes to Brazil for the first time. Do you think it is important that big tournaments start to show up in Brazil / South America?

Tournaments are extremely important for Brazil because it shows that we are growing in the eSports world and that we can attract big events such as Intel Extreme Masters. We can also show the level of Brazilian players which are unknown to the rest of the world.

Your team mate and fellow Brazilian Potiguar is also in the tournament, how do you rate his chances?

I hope and think that he can play a good tournament. We practice a little bit together and I believe that he can surprise at the tournament.

Global Challenge Sao Paulo
7th-11th of February 2012 - Campus Party
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