CS:GO Showmatch - America vs. Europe
Battle of the continents tonight with Europe vs. America
Tonight's match will be a serious one with prizes from Intel and BenQ for the winners and losers. The two teams consist of top players from each continent who should guarantee high caliber action. The winners will each recieve an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU and the losers a BenQ XL2410T gaming monitor.

Showmatch America vs. Europe Sat, 15/10/11 18:00 EDT

America: Ksharp, Volcano, fROD, Storm, n0thing
Europe: cArn, GeT_RiGhT, trace, zonic, lurppis

With Joe Miller & midway

Don't miss the video of the first showmatch from Thursday with a Q&A from VALVE's Chet Faliszek and Joe Miller.

1380923, Saturday, 15/10/11 15:05
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Cs:Go Is EchT schwull
omg cs go in ja so fail wie cs source auf d2 b nicht mal ein loch

C S 1.6 For EVER!!!
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