[SC2] Quarterfinals mix up - Statement inside
Statement regarding the incident
A referee has made a terrible mistake. We cannot undo that - an undeserving player is in a situation which should not have happened.

Gatored got wrongly seeded into the tournament bracket as the #1 seed instead of DRG who received the #2 player's seed in the bracket. As a result, the two players were placed in the wrong part of the bracket and TT1 played a player he was not supposed to. Unfortunately the error was discovered during the match and not before. The result cannot stand.

I deeply regret that such a mistake happened at such a time, but we cannot undo it. We canceled the match and fixed the bracket layout. Nothing else could be done.

All I can do right now on my behalf and on behalf of the referee is apologise to the players involved in the match, their teams and the fans that followed the match. This should not have happened and I will do everything for this to never happen again.

I regret this has happened and I apologize.

Michał "Carmac" Blicharz

As a result it also has been decided that TT1 will receive prize money equal to a top 4 placement should he not advance further.

The new quarterfinals are now the following:

Killer vs. FruitDealer
Gatored vs. TOP
TT1 vs. DongRaeGu
KiLLeR vs. elfittaja
1380923, Friday, 14/10/11 16:16
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Can you guys answer this. Since when did you change the rule of the deciding two-way ties through map difference and not direct results?

In all my years of following ESL tournaments, you have always chosen the player who won the direct results to be a seed higher. What am I talking about - http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/IEM_Season_V_-_Global_Challenge_Cologne - Group C is just one example and it's happened other times when you had your #2 vs. #3 relegation rule when deciding seed.
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