GC New York - Final Play-Off Spots
Live coverage from the Global Challenge New York
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1/2 Finals - fnatic vs. Cypher & SK vs. CLG

1/4 Finals today - Killer vs. FruitD & TT1 vs. Gatored

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Timezones: PDT +3 | CEST -6
Streams: ESL TV - We stream LoL and SC2 today. Free 1.2MBit Stream.
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Groupstage | Play-Offs
Groupstage | Play-Offs

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[14:36] The 1/4 finals have been drawn:

Killer vs. FruitDealer
TT1 vs. Gatored
TOP vs. DongRaeGu
elfittaja vs. KiLLeR

[10:31] v8esports just arrived and we hope that the first League of Legends game will be soon underway.

[10:15] It seems the New York Comic Con is basically sold out and the queues outside are insane. In your face iPhone 4S.

[10:09] Welcome and good morning from the second day of the GC New York. StarCraft 2 is live and League of Legends should follow soon. The LoL schedule changed a little bit after one of SK Gamings players arrived late to the USA.
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