GC New York - Let the games begin
Live coverage of the Global Challenge New York
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Match Schedule

Fnatic and CLG advance

KiLLeR, Killer, DongRaeGu, Gatored advance

mTw and UMX.us advance

General information

Timezones: PDT +3 | CEST -6
Streams: ESL TV - We stream LoL and SC2 today. Free 1.2MBit Stream.
Facebook: Like Us
Twitter: @IntelEM
Hashtag: #IEM
reddit: StarCraft II | League of Legends

Tournament Information

Groupstage | Play-Offs
Groupstage | Play-Offs
Groupstage | Play-Offs

Live Ticker

[18:13] The StarCraft 2 replays will be up soon. Stay tuned for the spoiler free replay thread.

[11:58] Nix0n from HLTV.org is warming up with mTw because he will be their stand-in for the tournament.

[10:51] KiLLeR meets Killer, that will be a fun match to cast later-on for RotterdaM and MrBitter.

[09:21] Good morning from the New York Comic Con. The doors are still closed to the public but we are busy setting up the last things to make sure we can bring you an awesome tournament, at the event and on the net.
1380923, Thursday, 13/10/11 10:30
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